Someone Left This Dog In A Garbage Bag In The Woods, But Look At Him Now.

Someone Left This Dog In A Garbage Bag In The Woods, But Look At Him Now. February 14, 2020

Love is a strong emotion that’s capable of moving mountains, changing people, and saving lives. Love has the ability to completely transform someone. Love is amazing. Not only can love help humans, it can help animals, as well. Keep reading to find out how this dog was abandoned by the people who were supposed to love him, but as soon as he felt real love, his entire existence began to brighten up.St. Vincent is currently under the care of New York Bully Crew, a non-profit organization that is on a mission to save abused and neglected animals. Unfortunately, he’s with the New York Bully Crew because he hasn’t always had a good life.

The New York Bully Crew received a call from the NYPD, saying that there was a garbage bag in the woods that was moving and the person who reported it could hear breathing. Police determined that there was a dog in the bag, so they called the New York Bully Crew for assistance.

The poor pup was left there to die. The NYBC knew that chances were slim, but they had to try to help him. St. Vincent was quickly rushed to the emergency hospital in Brooklyn.

“He was just forgotten about, but he was still very kind,” said Carla Mohan, member of the New York Bully Crew. They did everything they could to try to save the abandoned dog.

“They were doing all kinds of treatments to him, handling him. He allowed them to help him,” said Carla. He had been neglected for so long, he must have been so grateful to feel loved and taken care of.

“Every day you saw a little more brightness come back to his eyes and just a little more head movement. And he started eating regularly and you just saw it,” recalled Carla. “His eyes just, they were shining. He was just speaking to you through his eyes and his smile.”

He began to walk! “When they told me he was up and walking, I was in shock,” said Carla. He would finally be able to go to a foster home.

“He seems to like the young ones,” Carla said. “He seems to be like a great babysitter. They have welcomed Vincent with open arms.”

Apparently, a little female dog by the name of Enaya has developed a bit of a crush on St. Vincent. “I think he gets a kick out of it. He seems to be very pleased with her trying to flirt with him and cuddle with him,” said Carla.

Of course, the New York Bully Crew is doing their best to make that happen. “It’s great to see him not be alone. I mean, he was alone in that bag. God only knows what he was thinking, why that was happening to him?” Carla said.

“He’s such a special guy. It’s like sitting with your grandpa,” bragged Carla. It seems like whoever gets this big, lovable furball will be more than lucky to have him.