Playful Notes From Couples Who’ve Mastered The Art Of Love.

Playful Notes From Couples Who’ve Mastered The Art Of Love. March 29, 2019

Nowadays handwritten notes are rare seeing as how we have text messages to help us communicate with people. But that should never stop couples from sharing intimate love notes every once in awhile. And the greater sense of humor your significant other has, the better! What better way to keep the spark in the relationship alive? Even in a marriage of many years, little love notes like these can help keep the relationship interesting. We’ve compiled some of the funniest love notes shared between couples. They’ll give you a good laugh and inspire you to write some funny notes of your own to your significant other.Girls attention, laughing too hard at this may cause you a blood waterfall.

That is, until she woke up and saw this note from her husband on her scale.

You run out of compliments after 11 years. At least he’s being honest.

It’s not just any day that you find a cornflake like this.

Good thing too, that cat looks like he can be very convincing.

A truly solid relationship. I do mean that sincerely. A sense of humor is vital.

I hope they reserve that… somehow. Maybe frame the peel?

Especially if she’s going to make this long distance thing work.

This note takes a certain sense of humor to understand.

We give you, the one and only indestructible phone.

Don’t use the hand that was holding the beer though. Use the warm one.

Well, that’s awkward. Hopefully the neighbor doesn’t think he’s creepy.

And these have got to be the cutest notes ever.

The priorities here are just great. Fried chicken over everything.

Now he has two different clingers to deal with.

That’s a huge transformation from before to after.

I think I’d prefer not freezing over presents.

He should bring her back one of those candy sucker rings.

So tonight he’s going to sleep on the pillow he farted on?

Well, no arguing there, she has no point.

And he saves them in his desk, these are some of his favorite.

He better watch out, she sounds like she means business.

“Let’s call Domino’s and shoot the driver together!”

So she decided to get things going and write something on it.

Better than any generic store-bought Hallmark card in my opinion.