Giant Panda Shows Off Her Parenting Skills In The Cutest Baby Photos Ever.

Giant Panda Shows Off Her Parenting Skills In The Cutest Baby Photos Ever. July 27, 2018

At much as it pains us to see animals in captivity, we have to admit that things like zoos and aquariums give us unprecedented access to observing the way animals live, work, and play. For rare animals like the giant panda, their presence is even more special — so while zoos are definitely problematic, we’re still grateful to get a sneak peek of something like this every once in awhile. In 2013, the Atlanta Zoo had reason to celebrate. Lun Lun, a 15-year-old giant panda, gave birth to a cub. Cameras captured the moment, and the zookeepers and caretakers were thrilled. However, they couldn’t have prepared themselves for the surprise that came next. No one had any idea it was coming, and after it happened the keepers could only classify it as a bona fide miracle. Check out the incredible story — and see some adorable photos — below.The 15-year-old panda gave birth back in 2013, and it was all captured on camera.

It’s hard to believe that any panda was ever that small, but these photos don’t lie.

It’s almost as if she’s greeting it, saying hello to the little one that she brought into the world just moments earlier.

Lun Lun had to get to work with the business of caring for her newborn.

The zookeepers simply weren’t prepared for this.

They weren’t aware that she was pregnant with twins, so this came as a huge surprise.

Like any new mom with twins, this tough panda looks like she just got the shock of a lifetime.

After all, the only thing better than one baby to care for is two!

In fact, they marked the first set of panda twins born in the United States since 1987.

They’re so teeny tiny, it’s difficult to imagine them full grown.

This was a moment that no one was prepared for, but it was beautiful nonetheless.

And of course, they love nothing more than spending time with their awesome mama, Lun Lun.