Luxury Mansion Is Priced To Sell At $137K, Take A Look Inside.

Luxury Mansion Is Priced To Sell At $137K, Take A Look Inside. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Anyone who claims that they’ve never imagined living in a mansion is a liar! While it’s true that we don’t necessarily need one to survive, many of us would love all that extra space to add an actual home theater, a gym, and who knows what else. Plus, you get to show off how you live in luxury while your friends and family have to live in a common 2 bedroom apartment. Fortunately, the price of one mission isn’t out of your reach entirely, but there’s a catch, particularly in the location which will totally make you think twice.Who wouldn’t want this 5,574-square-foot home with five bedrooms and four full bathrooms. Plus, it’s got plenty of amenities that will allow you to entertain your guests.

You’ll get a wet bar, a vaulted ceiling, a fireplace, a porch, and a deck that will simply make you want to call the realtor and ask “where do I sign?”

Imagine paying $785 a month until you’ve paid it all off, plus interest rates. The actual price come to about $25 per square foot.

But don’t worry! According to the real estate agent, it’s move-in ready despite the fact that it might need a few repairs here and there.

It’s not exactly “Gone with the Wind” or a winding staircase, but it certainly looks pretty fancy for $137K, don’t you think?

You can just sit back and relax in the jetted bathtub in one of the many bathrooms available in this mansion. Oh, we can almost hear those jets turning on now.

The house was sometimes used as a hunting lodge, hence why this amenity was put in place. But you’ll have to buy your own booze to stock behind the counter.

It’s so spacious that your entire family could sleep in one room, but when you’ve got 16 rooms around the mansion, a little space and some privacy wouldn’t hurt anyone.

This mansion is sort of like going to a pub because you get to drink and play games at the same time. And if you’ve had one too many, you only have to tackle the staircase to reach your bedroom.

This old house has modern amenities which include central air conditioning and heating, the latter being essential since winter temperatures in Winning can dip below freezing.

After all, how many mansions do you know that contain a big chess or a spinning wheel… unless of course, you happen to be Maleficent.

It comes with the usual amenities like a stove, a fridge, and a microwave, and you can also have your breakfast at this nice little round table with you and your loved ones.

Sit at this massively round dining table and enjoy the perfect meal with you and your family, or invite your friends or family over.

It’ll definitely help reduce the strain and pressure on your joints and muscles when you start to think about where you’ll get the money to pay the mortgage each month.

Then again, you can have a house party and invite some of your 2,900 neighbors over for a meet and greet.

Clearly, she took a great deal of steps to keep the luxurious design classic with Italian chandeliers and flowers on the walls of the staircase.

According to some locals, it was built by several families who wanted to join their homes together. It might explain why it looks like two properties instead of one. But as a bonus, it also has a huge garage to put your sports car in.

So essentially, your mansion would be the most expensive in town. Plus, you’d be living in the same city as former “Price Is Right” host Bob Barker, so in this instance, the price is totally right for you to move in here.

The mansion is located in Winner, South Dakota, a town which only has 2,900 residents. So if you’re not a fan of small-town living, this home isn’t really for you.

It’s also been around for a long time, and no one seems to want it, despite the fact that it’s a really neat home with its chandeliers, carpets, and fireplaces.

It simply didn’t make sense to build a mansion in such a remote area, and you’d be the only one with a house this big, which is great, because you’d be like the king of the town.

So give yourself a view, even if it’s just a view of your backyard. The deck will give you plenty of room to spread out. It can also double as a home office on a nice summer day just as long as you have a laptop.

The previous owner actually added heated floors to the property back in 2002. So you can wear those fuzzy socks or go barefoot in the middle of a winter storm, without worrying about getting frostbite or catching a cold inside the mansion.

It has a privacy fence surround the backyard, a storage shed, and even an underground sprinkler system, so you never have to worry about your lawn turning brown.

Over 22,000 people have visited the realtor’s website in search of this listing since it hit the market back on January 3rd. So place your bid quickly or you might lose your one and only chance to own a mansion.

**Check out this amazing video tour to get a closer look at this beautifully remote mansion that was made just for you. If it’s worth the investment, then go to the listing and place your bid today!**

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