10 Hauntingly Brilliant Magazine Covers That We Never Forgot.

10 Hauntingly Brilliant Magazine Covers That We Never Forgot. January 1, 2017

With the right photo, a magazine can define a moment and sell millions. In some rare cases, a certain magazine cover can provide a snapshot of the times or push the boundaries and bring issues that may be taboo into the mainstream dialogue. Regardless of the intention, certain covers have become icons and snapshots of the human condition. One historical *National Geographic* cover from 1985, depicting a young Afghan girl with haunting green eyes living in a refugee camp as a result of the Soviet invasion is still in the mind’s eye of millions. One may not have read nor remember the article; her face, however, is unforgettable. Another outstanding glossy cover from *The New Yorker* in the September 2001 issue depicts the silhouette of the twin towers. While the image appears simple, it converts despair and emptiness. There are no words to accurately describe the visceral impact it creates. There are 10 iconic covers that are widely regarded and respected for their originality and their ability to provoke thought.An 18-week-old fetus never before seen.

The cover was so powerful readers around the world wanted to know whatever happened to the young girl.

A simple cover that spoke volumes.

Kaiti Kironde became the first woman of color to grace the cover of Glamour magazine.

An empowering image showing that women can be sexy while pregnant.

The first moon landing and the photo to document it.

Although a breakthrough for Ellen DeGeneres to come out, it caused her to be out of work for three years.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono hours before he was shot.

The Vietnam war and its horrors brought to the forefront.

Her sudden death in a tragic car accident in France left the world in shock.