Magical ‘Harry Potter’ Baby Photos Prove Wizards Are Living Among Us.

Magical ‘Harry Potter’ Baby Photos Prove Wizards Are Living Among Us. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Even though Halloween is fast approaching, Harry Potter fans will argue that there is no season for witches and wizard because the magic is year round. Just ask 29-year-old Kayla Glover, who recently dressed her daughter Lorelai Grace as Harry Potter, round spectacles, Gryffindor scarf, and all. The Chicago-based photographer is just one of many fans still marveling over JK Rowling’s series, but don’t forget. This November, we can enjoy the upcoming film adaptation of her 2001 novel *Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them*, set in New York City 70 years before Harry Potter. Try to keep your wands low until then. To satisfy your HP obsession, check out the adorable photos of Lorelai Grace below. Her mother knew that she wanted to have this photo shoot before even getting pregnant. For her, it didn’t matter if she had a boy or girl. We’re glad to see equality in the wizarding world as well (we’re sure Hermione was behind it all).Like many other mothers, Kayla of Kayla Layla Photography sees her daughter Lorelai Grace as perfect. And who could blame her? Look at that beautiful face!

Kayla often dresses up her daughter in themes, which means she’s often posing as a boy. In this photo, she poses as one very famous boy, Harry Potter.

She’s even got Harry’s hair. We’re betting she’s just as brave and mischievous (with good intentions, of course). Even though she’s still in training, it looks like she knows exactly what she’s doing. What’s cuter than a wizard baby in a cauldron?

Here’s Kayla’s favorite picture from the series. We hope that she grows up to read her history, er, we mean, the series.

Kayla told Metro that she waited for Lorelai to reach an age when she could hold the wand. ‘It was very important to me in order to add that level of authenticity.’

Here’s the whole family posing as muggles but they don’t fool us. We’re curious about the couple’s love story. Is it possible that they, too, met as fellow Gryffindors?

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