This Guy Created Engineering Perfection With Marbles… I Didn’t Blink Once!

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YouTube user Kaplamino is known for making mind-blowing Rube Goldberg machine videos using dominoes and Kapla blocks. For his latest construction he took his creativity to the next level. He still relied on Kapla blocks but also used marbles, magnets, and uncooked spaghetti noodles. In the clip, the Rube Goldberg is not a single shot but rather broken into segments. Kaplamino found it almost impossible to accomplish this project as he quickly discovered magnets are very unpredictable to work with. The almost four minute long video already has over half a million views in just a few days. You may be surprised to discover this chain reaction sequence is quite therapeutic and at the same time, very cool as you have to applaud Kaplamino's brilliant mind for putting together a very complex sequence. We should warn you not to try this at home, not because it's dangerous but because you may quickly find this to be an exercise in frustration.
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