25 Of America’s Funniest Mailboxes, #16 Is Hilariously Rude.

25 Of America’s Funniest Mailboxes, #16 Is Hilariously Rude. July 6, 2017

Being a mail carrier is probably one of those jobs where you see everything. A typical day in the life means dealing with either aggressive or overly friendly canines that are overzealous to show their intentions. On the other hand, the courageous men and women who brave the elements and their immediate surroundings also come across a few less-than-ordinary mailboxes that makes their hard work day seem a bit more entertaining. The vast majority of mailboxes are pretty boring; there is not much you can do with a rectangular box attached to a house or propped up on a piece of wood at the end of the driveway. With that in mind, you really have to hand it to the people who see past the drab dimensions and push the creative envelope; no pun intended. Some of the postboxes were made from scratch while others were upcycled. One thing is for certain, after looking at the innovative designs below, you will never look at mailboxes the same way again.