This Mailman Daily Gets Chased Down By A Kitty. The Reason Will Melt Your Heart!

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Not every cat is anti-mail carrier. Some of them actually enjoy the daily visits.

Everyone knows that mail carriers have a love/hate relationship with some of our pets, particularly certain dogs. How else are carriers supposed to do their jobs while they're getting barked at or chased down by an overly protective dog? But dogs aren't the only ones that your postman or postwoman have to worry about. Felines can be quite a challenge too. Sure, they're docile and in a good mood most of the time. They're too busy eating, sleeping, purring and sometimes running from their mortal enemies, aka dogs. But they can also be quite protective of their territory too, especially when the mailman or mailwoman stops by for a visit.Although some cats can be unpredictable and harsh towards strangers, this kitty's behavior is the total opposite.
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When it comes to giving cats some attention, there's no way to know how they'll behave. They can either welcome you if you're friendly, or attack you if you show too much affection without their consent.

Fortunately, Levi Davis, a postman from Taranaki, New Zealand has had a good experience while working his usual route. Whenever he stopped by this particular house, the resident cat would occasionally come out to say hello. Eventually it became a daily routine and the kitty didn't miss a day even when it rained, and we don't need to remind you how much cats hate the water. It doesn't matter if it's hot or cold either. This little cat simply can't miss being cuddled by Davis. So the carrier decided to start documenting his encounters with this oh-so friendly feline.
Levi Davis / Facebook

This is what Davis sees on a regular basis when he stops by to deliver the mail.

The video clip shows the cat noticing his human friend stopping by and immediately races towards the wooden fence to greet him.
Levi Davis / Facebook

"My little buddy. Everyday I do the mail run, this cat comes to see me. Regardless of the weather," Levi wrote on Facebook.

They share a pretty strong bond. Davis even calls the kitty "my little friend" throughout the video. After the cat gets to the top of the fence post, he waits for Davis to come close enough with his mail cart so he can jump in.
Levi Davis / Facebook

The cat clearly loves his free cuddles. He never misses out on the opportunity either.

Of course we're sure that Davis loves taking time out of his busy schedule to give the feline some TLC. Now how adorable is this relationship?!
Levi Davis / Facebook

**Cats usually get a bad rep in the media, being portrayed as these snarky mean old bags of fur that could care less if you walked into a room. But take a look at this adorable little fellow that simply cannot get enough of this mailman's purr-fect cuddles.**