28 Signs You Might Be Totally Addicted To Makeup.

28 Signs You Might Be Totally Addicted To Makeup. June 3, 2019

Being a girl can be pretty expensive. You can’t blame us for wanting to do everything we can in our power to make ourselves look better. In doing so, however, a lot of money is be spent. But honestly, when has that ever stopped us? And what products do we love to spend our money on? Makeup. After all, makeup enhances our beauty to its fullest potential. But applying makeup and getting the newest eyeliner and lipstick shades can be quite addictive. And many of us women can totally relate. This post goes out to all the women out there who just can’t help their growing love for the beauty world.And then you post photos of the products onto your Instagram as if it was your job.

Look at all those awesome shades!

And sometimes you feel obliged to fix their eyebrows for them.

But you know that to achieve that very “minimal makeup” look, you have to use just as many products as you’d have to for a dramatic look.

Because there’s always that slight chance that your favorite lipstick brand color is discontinued.

You stay there for so long that you start to worry that the employees might think you’re shoplifting.

What others might think as “special event” makeup is a normal look for you that you’d feel comfortable putting on any day.

And your beauty bag has now evolved into your beauty suitcase.

But every time it instructs to add a “little bit” of a certain product, you take it up a notch.

And you get excited every time you get an email alert informing you that one of your products is finally back in stock.

You feel the need to use as many colors as you can. It just feels wrong only using one or two shades.

The mascara face.

On some days, you’ll try to… and then just end up going way past the subtle mark.

And… they know the names of the family members you bring with you all the time as well.

And then you just stand there in distress because you really want to put on makeup.

It’s so big that you could probably wear a new nail polish color each week for a year.

This is mostly because you have the best makeup products and they all want to “share” with you (code for using all your products while you use none of theirs).

When you’re done applying your makeup, you want people to appreciate the looks you’ve created.

Why? Because you’re suddenly contributing more plastic than you should to local landfills.

That’s right, we’re talking VIB status. And you talk about it to people who don’t even know what it is.

But when it comes to priorities, you’ll always choose doing your makeup over doing your hair.

How? Because you’re now subscribed to more beauty boxes than magazines or anything else.

This way, you have one specifically for at work, at home, in your purse, in your car, and so on.

And you’re always the first one who’s willing to try it, especially if it’s a weird one!

You know it’s true!

And you really only feel one way to those who think you should wear less makeup.

This way, you’d have less to worry about how your makeup looks in different lighting.

And it’s very possible that your beauty addiction will bankrupt you one day.