These Makeup Transformations Are So Amazing You’ll Want One Too.

These Makeup Transformations Are So Amazing You’ll Want One Too. January 12, 2020

Every one of us enjoys seeing a good makeover. It’s fun to see the difference between the before and after. Transforming one’s appearance isn’t always something done for fun, though. Sometimes, it can dramatically affect the way they see themselves. Check out how this makeup artist is changing every life she is touching with her paintbrush.

There are some people who think that makeup is an unnecessary thing that only women who are vain indulge in. These people, who think that women are just trying to cover up the way they look, just don’t understand that makeup can bring out natural beauty. Makeup artist Goar Avetisyan is using her amazing skills to do just that.

Avetisyan, who was born in Armenia, has been living in Russia for nine years, working in the beauty industry. Avetisyan has the ability to absolutely change the way someone looks, making her a master of extreme transformations. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but Avetisyan’s clients would gladly disagree.

Sometimes, humans need to be reminded of how beautiful they truly are. Avetisyan is making women feel great by using her craft to cover up imperfections in order to bring out their natural beauty. We understand that it’s not a permanent change, but you’ll never believe the effect it has had on these women.

Thanks to her insane makeup skills, Avetisyan was able to work with women who have suffered from severe acne, scars, or even birthmarks. When they came to Avetisyan, the women had no confidence. When they left, they had renewed love for their inner beauty. It wasn’t until Avetisyan received a message did she realize what she was actually doing for people.

Avetisyan uses her Instagram to show her four million followers her work. One day, a woman named Jamilya wrote to Avetisyan. When Jamilya was a child. she was burnt very badly. She wanted Avetisyan to give her a makeover. But, there was one problem. Jamilya lives in Dagestan and Avetisyan lives in Moscow. A decision had to be made.

Avetisyan was touched by Jamilya’s story, and the stories of all the other women she helped, too. She decided that she needed to quit her job. In hopes of helping women all over who have lost their confidence due to special circumstances, Avetisyan wanted to go on a “makeup tour” of Russia and other countries. It would prove to be a journey that she’d never be able to forget.

On her tour, Avetisyan encountered women who had battled cancer, were burn survivors, and women who had severe skin conditions. Avetisyan didn’t just do their makeup. She gave them long beautiful weaves and pretty accessories, too! On her Instagram account, Avetisyan posted videos as well as before-and-after pictures of the makeovers. The results were phenomenal.

One of the very first clients Avetisyan had was Julia. Julia had lost all of her hair, and her breast, because of cancer. “She has a very difficult period in life and she needs transformation and magic more that others […] chemo… radiation and a lot of other stuff that all of those who were touched by this illness go through,” she wrote. And Avetisyan does it all out of the kindness in her heart.

The women don’t have to pay anything for Avetisyan’s services. Even though she knows that her makeover isn’t permanent, and she can’t remove their scars, Avetisyan wants to do what she can to make these women feel better about themselves. Her favorite and most rewarding part is seeing her clients reactions when they see themselves in the mirror for the first time.

It wasn’t an easy feat for Avetisyan to do a tour in multiple countries, seeing several women each day. During a stop in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Avetisyan posted, “Because I managed to make a lot of ladies happy by giving them a transformation in my room […] there was no time to even breathe but I love this kind of business.”

Doing a makeover for her grandmother was one of Avetisyan’s favorite moments. After nine years of not wearing makeup, Avetisyan finally convinced her grandmother to play along. Avetisyan posted on her Instagram that her grandma was, “The most beautiful and kind grandma in the world.” Avetisyan feels continuously inspired by those women that are going through tough times.

Avetisyan did an unbelievable job of bringing out the natural beauty in Marina, who is currently fighting breast cancer. “And here she is – the girl because of whom I came to work today […] amazing woman Marina who’s fighting #foolcancer.” Some women that Avetisyan met had no idea what they could do with makeup before they met Avetisyan.

While Avetisyan was in Delhi, she worked with a 38-year-old woman who had never in her life had her makeup done professionally, not even on her wedding day. When she was growing up, Avetisyan dreamed of turning into a Bollywood star, so doing this woman’s makeup was a dream of hers. Some of Avetisyan’s clients needed a bit more attention than others did.

Avetisyan posted about a client. “Meanwhile one more girl, Kate, became a bit happier […] when she came to me for a transformation […] she has a super sensitive skin, a lot of moles and a scar,” she said. Because her client had such sensitive skin, Avetisyan had to be careful of the products that she used. But, Avetisyan knows what she’s doing and continues to bring smiles to women’s faces.

At the beginning of the year, Avetisyan posted, “Right now I’m going right across Arabian Sea and going to the country of my dreams […] and it’s gonna be Africa.” It’s so wonderful to see Avetisyan making women all over the world smile and feel good about themselves. We hope she can help many more women in the future, as well!