This 10 Year-Old Boy Is Better At Makeup Than You Could Ever Be.

This 10 Year-Old Boy Is Better At Makeup Than You Could Ever Be. May 29, 2019

Makeup has always been popular amongst women, but today the beauty world today is bigger than ever. No longer is makeup solely for girls. Just like any other type of art, makeup is another form of self-expression that can be practiced by anyone — this includes males! Not too long ago, CoverGirl announced their very first male cover boy, James Charles. Lately, many popular male makeup artists are taking the Internet by storm. But none of these males are ready for 10-year-old Jack. At such a young age, Jack already knows how to blend, contour, and even apply false eyelashes. At this rate, he’s going to be the ultimate makeup guru when he reaches his 20s.With the help of social media, just about anybody can build a following.

Makeup artists in particular are getting a lot of attention in this generation and are marking their mark with unique and innovative makeup.

But it’s not only because of his skills but also because he’s only 10 years old!

They’re getting contracts with the likes of Maybelline, Covergirl and Rimmel London.

Because there’s a new kid in town. And if he’s this good at the age of 10, imagine how good he’ll be in a few years?

Jack, on the other hand, has found his calling in makeup and he’s quickly getting up there.

He’s teaching everyone in the world a big lesson on self-expression and how not to be afraid of who we are.

You’ll be surprised that his makeup might even be better than yours. His false lashes: they’re actually even. His highlight: it’s beaming. Some of us can barely put on eyeliner correctly.

Ever since he’s joined, he’s already gained over 100,000 followers.

He applies makeup effortlessly and is building his beauty empire at what seems like light speed.

The caption of the video was “You walk into your son doing this, wyd?” The video instantly went viral.

But at the same time, the kid gained praise and fans for his makeup mastery.

People couldn’t help but to comment on a young boy taking part in a “girly” activity. But who cares about them, Jack’s definitely already left them in the dust.

Because you know what? They’re only making Jack more famous. His makeup tutorial on Facebook has already receiver over 57 million views.

Jack’s beauty empire is already being built. At this rate, he’ll start seeing some contract deals soon.

However, this British makeup artist’s talent is just too great to not be shared with everyone else on the popular social networking app.

He creates tutorials with upbeat pop tunes in the background that’ll be stuck in your head all day.

Iridescent brows shouldn’t be that easy to create. Not to mention how easily he puts on falsies while the rest of us struggle over and over.

Many have taken the time to show their support online and encourage him to keep at it.

And if you had the chance, you’d hire the kid to do your wedding makeup.

It also proves how much more diverse and accepting the beauty world has become.

Recently, a 15-year-old Jake Warden exploded overnight going from almost no followers to 1 million in the span of a year.

The beauty industry is definitely in for a bright future.

Now if you don’t mind us, it’s time to go practice some false lash application skills while 10-year-old boys are surpassing us.

Gorgeous with makeup and handsome without it. This boy is blessed with some good genes and flawless skin.