Mama June Shows Off Her Beautiful New Figure In A Little Black Dress.

Mama June Shows Off Her Beautiful New Figure In A Little Black Dress. August 18, 2019

You all remember Mama June from the reality series, “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” which made her and her beauty pageant daughter Alana Thompson infamous. Well, over the last year, Mama June has been undergoing an amazing transformation that you have to see to believe. If you thought you knew Mama June, wait until you see her today. She’s shed the pounds and is looking healthier and a whole lot slimmer in a nice little black dress.After all, when you’re a busy single mom trying to deal with everyday drama, plus reality TV, letting yourself go is bound to happen, cause, who has time to eat veggies these days anyway?

But after dishing out plates of spaghetti noodles topped with way too much ketchup and butter, the then, 37-year-old decided that it was time for a serious change.

Of course, she also had her daughter, whom she loved dearly, despite what some trolls thought of her parenting skills. But a part of her wanted her inner self to rise to the surface.

But she couldn’t put her finger on it at first. Ultimately, it took a great deal of soul searching for Mama June to become the woman that she is now, and you won’t believe it till you see it.

Then again, could you blame her for eating her pain away? A few years ago, her hubby, Sugar Bear, had cheated on her with men and women… allegedly.

He tried molesting Mama June’s oldest daughter, Chikadee. So, after kicking him to the curve, and undergoing an emotional roller coaster of emotions, she decided to go under the knife.

Soon enough she would say goodbye to her “turkey neck” and “batwing arms” as she called them, thanks to skin removal surgery, which she had in 2015, along with gastric bypass surgery.

Sure, she’d be undergoing a major makeover, but would it change her for the better? She was concerned that something would go wrong, but was determined to go through with it.

She had lost 300 pounds and she wanted the world to know it too. So, she sported a red sleeveless gown, while standing alongside her then, 11-year-old daughter Alana.

Since everyone else was bound to do it anyway, she decided to beat them at the punch and spoof Pam Anderson’s Baywatch red bikini moment at the beach.

Doesn’t she look fantastic? It’s like she’s a completely different woman, and we’d probably tell you you’re lying if you said this was Mama June, but it is her.

She’s looking at us with newfound confidence and her face just screams, “look at me now!” It’s such an inspiring transformation that it’s putting tears in our eyes.

The surgery hadn’t been easy, particularly the five hours of excess skin removal, which could have left her daughter motherless if something had gone wrong, but fortunately, it didn’t.

Now this is one gal that definitely got her health and looks back in check. You could say it was sort of a revenge diet after her ex, Sugar Bear, invited her to his wedding to Jennifer Lamb.

This would not only show Mama June that she was the bigger person, not literally, but that she looked so great that Sugar Bear would have to eat his heart out.

She can also thank her drill-sergeant-type personal trainer, Kenya Crooks, who helped her achieve her weight loss goal and stay fit, which obviously worked.

So WEtv was invited to document every single moment of her incredibly impressive overhaul in a new reality TV series called “Mama June: From Not To Hot.”

She’s already undergone surgery, and was physically active. Now she just had to clear out her kitchen of all the delicious contraband like ice cream, candy, and other sorts of junk food.

It was just a matter of time before that side of herself finally rose to the surface, and while she was on the verge of giving up, she finally beat the battle of the bulge in the end.

It wasn’t just about what she was shoveling in her mouth. It was about cutting down on the massive portions she used to stuff her face with, which allowed her to stick to her diet.

Eating healthy hasn’t just changed the way she looks, but the way she feels too. She claims to have a lot more energy, which has given her the strength to work out even more to stay fit.

It seems like everyone who isn’t thin these days are frowned upon, but Mama June got the last laugh, and to her haters and internet trolls, she has nothing to say, but this gesture says it all.

Now, whether she’s showing off her brand-new size 4 figured for the world to see in a slim dress, or wearing baggy clothes, she’s looking amazing.

Her mega slim down meant that she needed to go shopping for some new clothes, because the old ones didn’t fit anymore. But who needs an excuse to go shopping anyway?

Mama June has taught us that to make such a drastic change, it has to be about you and no one else. It took a lot of effort, patience, and money, but she finally got the look that made heads turn.