Man Climbs Up 300-Foot Iceberg In Greenland And Slides Down On Pizza Slice.

Man Climbs Up 300-Foot Iceberg In Greenland And Slides Down On Pizza Slice. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

There are many people in this world that will do anything for the high that adrenaline gives you. People skydive, jump off cliffs, and swim to unimaginable depths in the ocean. This is all done in order to get that rush. It’s done to feel alive in a way that can’t be achieved in many other ways. Some people do absolutely outrageous things that make other people question their sanity. Ethan Pringle is certainly one of those people. In his recently released Instagram video, he left viewers stunned with his outlandish antics.They wanted to attempt a 4,000 ft climb up an unnamed mountain in Southeast Greenland. The climb is considered the hardest in the country and meant that the men had to be in Greenland for six weeks.

One of his fellow adventurers brought an inflatable pizza with him. Ethan was about to have some fun.

He was going to slide down a 300-foot iceberg on the pizza, and plunge into the icy Arctic waters below.

“Well I’m here to tell you folks, pizzas can fly and dreams do come true,” Ethan said. His Instagram video certainly goes to show that this is true.

->**Wearing only a pair of blue boxers, and shoes, Ethan Pringle did the unthinkable. He followed his dreams and made the whole world jealous of his pizza expedition!**<-

Video @ladzinski & @andy_mann / The hallmark of any grueling expedition is the ability to laugh along the way with your friends as much as possible. It makes the hard times tolerable and the good times even that much better. We just returned from a 6 week expedition to Southeast Greenland, a mission led by @mikelibecki, where @ethan_pringle and Mike climbed the hardest route in the country up an unnamed mountain. A burly first ascent on un-chartered terrain. On the long boat ride back to Tasiilaq, Ethan wasn’t done with “firsts” and decided to ride an inflatable slice of pizza down a 300 foot iceberg, launching into the icy waters. This trip was peppered with moments like this, the ones that make you feel like a kid again and keep you and your friends laughing. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did in person ? @connor_seybert A post shared by National Geographic (@natgeo) on Aug 14, 2017 at 8:11am PDT

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