Man Faints After Seeing His Friend Killed By Chainsaw But It Was A Prank.

Man Faints After Seeing His Friend Killed By Chainsaw But It Was A Prank. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Some pranks are worthy of a trophy. It takes preparation, timing, getting the right props to execute the perfect joke. When the time comes, it’s important not to lose focus and remain stoic despite the urge to giggle and break performance. The only question after you have fooled your friend is whether or not you will be forgiven for the stunt you pulled.His victim was none other than his friend. The two were working in a garage in Trondheim, Norway.

He had no idea he was about to experience the biggest fright of his life. He also didn’t know a hidden camera was recording what was about to happen.

He was operating a real, working chainsaw to cut some wood. Everything seemed normal, just another day among friends.

He quickly swapped the real chainsaw for a prop. Executing the change of machines had to be done quickly, without a hitch.

Not only had he fallen but he made sure he was going all out with his performance. He had slathered what appeared to be blood on his chest.

His friend finally noticed that Sylte had fallen to the ground while holding on to the chainsaw. It’s fair to say he was shocked.

He saw his own friend collapse to the ground while the chainsaw was still attached to his stomach. A million thoughts must have crossed his mind.

He had no idea that his buddy had switched to a chainsaw without a blade. Hence, this grown man fell to the ground, fainting from the horror he just witnessed.

Sylte probably didn’t expect this reaction from his victim. Although, he should be used to different types of reactions. He has his own YouTube channel where he pranks people.

Sylte got up, laughing before going to inspect on his friend who was lying motionless on the ground.

The man didn’t respond right away. The shock of what he just witnessed knocked him out completely. Although his buddy should have known who he was dealing with.

The Tom Daniel Prank-TV is described as “Norwegian pranks and silly stuff guaranteed to make you laugh!”

After shaking him and trying to come around, the man wakes up. He must have been even more confused. Seeing his bud on the ground, having his insides torn by a chainsaw.

He didn’t look like he was in agony or any time of distraught. He must have realized within seconds that he just got played.

Instead he shoved Sylte in anger and frustration. Although we can’t hear the audio, we can only assume a few colorful words were said in Norwegian.

->**The video has already had over 112,000 views. Would you forgive your friend if this prank was played on you?**<-

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