Man Got Message From Potential Liberian Scammer And Went Along With It.

Man Got Message From Potential Liberian Scammer And Went Along With It. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

These days it seems like everyone is looking to get one up on one another. They’re looking for what they can get out of a situation, instead of asking themselves what they can do to help. And it seems like every time you pick up the phone, go on the Internet, or turn on the TV, there’s someone asking for some sort of money. So, when a stranger from another country messaged this YouTube star, he assumed the worst. Honestly, who wouldn’t? Well, keep reading to find out how this man walked right into what he thought could’ve been a scam without much hesitation.Dan runs a YouTube channel called Pleasant Green. His videos are diverse and keep his 50,000 followers pretty entertained.

Dan knew he would get some responses like he always did. But what he didn’t realize was the opportunity that would present itself through a message from a man named Joel.

Joel had asked Dan for some financial or business assistance. Just like anyone else would, Dan assumed that Joel was trying to scam him.

Dan asked Joel to take pictures of his surroundings and send them to Dan. Joel did send him some pictures, but they didn’t come out very good, at all.

Dan told Joel after that he would pay for Joel to take pictures of his home in Liberia. But in order for Joel to take better pictures, Dan would have to send him a better camera, so he did!

Dan was able to see how hard life was in Liberia, but he also got to see how beautiful life was there, as well. That’s when Dan got a great idea.

Dan decided to take all of the pictures Joel sent and turn them into a photography book. He titled the book, “By d Grace of God,” and started an Indiegogo campaign for Joel.

He asked for people to purchase the book in order to spread awareness of the living conditions in Liberia, but also to help Joel and his community. The book was only $10, but they ended up selling over $13,000 in books sent to over 40 different countries!

After all the expenses, their profit was $4,000, but Dan wanted to use his portion to help the children in Joel’s community. For the first time Dan sent actual money to Joel. Would he use it the right way?

Joel went to the local store and spent all of the money…on backpacks and school supplies for 100 schoolchildren! Dan could’ve fallen for a scam, but he went with it, and as it turns out he ended up helping a lot of people. “When you give someone a chance, sometimes they’re not who you thought they were,” Dan told his YouTube viewers.

**Watch the Dan and Joel’s heartwarming story.**

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