Man Has Encounter With Wild Fox, Then Tries To Snapchat It. Big Mistake.

Man Has Encounter With Wild Fox, Then Tries To Snapchat It. Big Mistake. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Foxes are cute with their tails all bushy and their coats looking so lovely. But the beauty on the outside doesn’t always reflect their true nature on the inside. No one knows this better than one Reddit user by the name of Tootsaysthetrain. When the guy noticed a fox in the middle of the street, he thought it was the oddest thing he’d seen, so naturally, he took out his camera and started recording it. The only thing was that he didn’t realize that the fox was being slick and just biding his time. Before he knew it, the wild animal did something that completely had him running.Tootsaysthetrain decided to take out his phone and do a Snapchat of this fox who was so sly that he looked like he had come out of the animated film, Zootopia. But this animal gave zero fox about the camera.

At first, it just stood there wondering what his intentions were, but after a seemingly short staring contest, it decided to eventually move on. But it had a more sinister plan up its sleeve than anyone could have imagined.

He tried petting the fox as it walked closer to him. The animal seemed so calm and collected, as if it had nothing to fear, and indeed, it didn’t. The human however, should have definitely been on high alert for what was to come.

The human should have realized from the way it was looking at him, that something wasn’t right. Then again, it’s not like the fox was a large, ferocious beast like a wolf. But the fox wasn’t interested in a feast. But it was short on cash.

**Tootsaysthetrain posted this video on Reddit to show how the fox outfoxed him. The video is shaky because a major chase ensued after the fox made out like a bandit, but it’s so worth watching!**

The fox ran off with it and the human tried to catch it. Maybe it got tired or it thought that it could remain out of sight by hiding in the bushes on the side of this building, but it didn’t work. The human had found the fox, but he wasn’t able to retrieve the wallet.

How do you tell authorities that a fox took it? Well, it turns out that luck was on the human’s side because the next morning, he found the wallet on the ground. Maybe the fox liked the genuine leather wallet or it was just looking to make a friend, but at least the wallet was safe and sound.

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