Man Lost 70 Pounds And Now He Looks Like A Real Life Disney Prince.

Man Lost 70 Pounds And Now He Looks Like A Real Life Disney Prince. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Many people struggle with self-confidence issues on a daily basis. Self-confidence is essential for positive mental health. If you don’t feel good about yourself, life will be a lot harder to make your way through. This man, like so many others, struggled with self-confidence, so he decided to do something about it. His incredible transformation might inspire you.”I was an overweight youth, I was bullied growing up. I’ve lived my life with body-image and confidence issues,” Jeffrey explained.

For years he spent time trying to lose weight, and then gained it right back. It was a vicious cycle that Jeffrey had to put an end to, and one day, he finally had enough.

Unfortunately, she had to go through extensive therapy, which left her in a rehab center. Jeffrey began his incredible journey a little bit before she was released.

“It was a very emotional time for me. I had seen her in the hospitals where she could barely speak, I had seen her in the ICU where she couldn’t. I had seen her on the floor unable to wake up. To see her stare without the longing of a mother was heart wrenching. It put a world of self-pity and pain in perspective to me,” recalled Jeffrey.

“I started out small, a light barbell workout and agreed to do pushups every day. Soon I was waking up and going for walks while listening to uplifting music,” said Jeffrey.

“I posted on Reddit because I was honestly at a low. I asked them to rate me and I was astounded by some of the positivity. It made me want to care about myself more, it made put an effort into myself,” he explained.

“My happiness grew and my confidence too. I started jogging and doing sprints, pushing myself a little more and more. I sought new ways to work out, I found YouTube channels like ‘Yoga with Adriene’ to help fill those times when I wanted a workout at home. I began doing yoga and working out almost every day,” said Jeffrey.

The picture received so many positive comments. “I could barely sleep that night, it was amazing. The comments were all so uplifting and inspiring. Many called me a real life Disney Prince, the highest compliment of them all. It’s made me choose to chase a dream of becoming a model or maybe an actor one day,” Jeffrey recalled.

“She’s the toughest person I know and gives me a constant appreciation for life. She’s always telling me to take a day off and I love her so much for it. At the end of the day, I just want to make her proud,” said Jeffrey about his mother.

“I appreciate every breath I take. I’m using the love and support from everyone around to continue working towards my ultimate goal in life, which is to simply be love. I’m not entirely sure what that means just yet, but I hope to find out,” Jeffrey explained. What an inspiring story! Keep up the good work Jeffrey, you’re doing an awesome job!

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