Man Spots A Deer In A Very Strange Predicament.

Man Spots A Deer In A Very Strange Predicament. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

While some humans couldn’t care less about the safety of the creatures in the wild, there are plenty of us that do! When this man saw that a deer was in danger, he immediately called in the professionals for help. But once they arrived, the rescuers discovered one of the strangest things that they had ever seen.On the other end of the line, a man was explaining that he had spotted a white-tailed deer who had gotten himself into a bit of a pickle. Apparently, not only was this young deer separated from its herd, but it also got its little head stuck in what appeared to be a glass bowl. After hearing all of the details, the MCSPCA immediately went to check on the lonely deer.

Once they realized what was happening, the rescuers humanely sedated the small deer. As it turns out, the glass bowl was actually an old light fixture. The curious deer must have been checking it out when it got stuck to his head!

Unfortunately, the young deer was still without a herd. “After he was safe to approach, the glass bowl was removed which turned out to be a light fixture cover which probably had been filled with water the deer tried to drink. The buck was dehydrated from 4 days without food and water and had a couple of scrapes probably from the poor visibility, but was able to get up and walk away after we cleaned him up and the sedative had worn off,” read the MCSPCA website.

According to the MCSPCA website, even though most white-tailed deer travel in herds, “certain species will treat members as outcasts if they look different or are injured so to not invite predators or disrupt the integrity of the herd.” Could this have been what happened to this small deer? Was he shunned by his herd because of the light fixture on his head?

The injuries probably happened because the deer was frantic from a glass bowl being stuck on his head, causing him to run around injuring himself. Eventually, the deer regained his strength, and after watching him for a little longer, the MCSPCA felt that it was okay to leave the deer alone again.

But this time, he reported that the deer had seemed disoriented and that it had laid down on the ground. He also explained that the deer seemed to be having a hard time breathing.

After she arrived, Bowed administered 600ml of fluids to the deer. According to the MCSPCA website, Bowen said: “After we administered the fluids his head perked right up, and after a few minutes his breathing returned to normal.” After getting hydrated, the deer went along its merry way.

The MCSPCA has reported on their website that they haven’t received any other phone calls about the lone deer, so they’re assuming that it rejoined its herd. Thanks to the man’s phone call and the help of MCSPCA, this deer can live another day with an amazing story to tell!

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