Man Steps Into A Cage Of Snakes, Then The Inevitable Happens.

Man Steps Into A Cage Of Snakes, Then The Inevitable Happens. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Jay Brewer’s passion is all about snakes. The self-made businessman went from owning and operating a small commercial fishing boat to turning his hobby of breeding Indian Pythons into his next business venture. When he was just 23 years old he used his $5,000 savings to buy Pet Country in Fountain Valley, California that grew into a bigger store, Prehistoric Pets. This is not your usual pet store though. Brewer has successfully bred many endangered species and created new morphs like the first patternless leopard geckos and the first patternless African Rock pythons. For Brewer this is not just about breeding and making money. He wants pet owners to properly care for their reptiles. He has his own YouTube channel where he shares interesting and fun videos of his slithery friends. In one of his videos, Brewer may just have gotten a little to close for comfort with the snakes.He calls breeding and raising the reptiles “living the dream.”

Pythons can stretch about up to seven metres long and weigh an impressive 200 pounds each.

He wore a long sleeve jacket to protect his arms.

He has approximately 1,200 pythons in his facility.

It attempted to bite him several times.

“When we sell them we’re basically selling people a piece of life,” he says.

Brewer claims his store is responsible for 50 per cent of new morphs in the United States.

Wild or domesticated snakes do not form bonds like cats or dogs do. Their emotions they feel are aggression and fear.

->**Watch Brewer in the cage with three pythons.**<-

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