Mariah Carey Put On An Energetic Performance For Her Final Night In Las Vegas.

Mariah Carey Put On An Energetic Performance For Her Final Night In Las Vegas. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Mariah Carey, who was recently torn apart by fans for a shambolic performance in a video that went viral, decided to show everyone who’s boss by dancing for her life on stage on her final night in Las Vegas. After all, everyone can have an off moment. Just ask Britney Spears. But Mariah proved to her fan that she’s still got it and her look and we’d be surprised if haters were still talking.Just hours after being criticized for a viral video which allegedly showed some lackluster moves, Mariah returned to the stage and rocked it in Las Vegas.

It’s true! After she packed Caesar’s Palace with eager fans, Mariah used the iconic venue to put on a livelier show than she posted in that shambolic video.

They say it takes two tango. Well the pop diva wasn’t dancing the tango, but she was dancing with a backup dancer who was a real hunk.

Then again, it was just part of the show, but even if it wasn’t, she’s a single gal since divorcing from her husband Nick Cannon about a year ago.

She was practically driving fans on stage crazy as she rocked that sequin sheer dress, exposing lots of cleavage while sitting on the hood of that pink car.

One of the dancers decided to get the audience’s attention by just a bit, and he did it by exposing his mouth-watering abs while Mariah sang some of her greatest hits.

She was dressed in a leotard and fishnet tights that were to die for. You know, they say that some stars glitter, and that’s just a figure of speech, but in Mariah’s case, it’s oh-so true.

Time and time again, she brings us timeless hits with her incredible voice, and even when she’s criticized, she still finds a way to make sure that the show goes on.

To that end, she was fortunate enough to have a wide array of dancers to perform alongside of her in what proved to be her greatest Vegas show to date.

The catastrophic reviews she got on Monday for her performance only motivated her to ensure that she signed off on Tuesday night on a high note.

On her previous live show, which went viral online, fans showed no mercy and mocked her for failing to show any interest as she performed.

Mariah’s final show in Vegas was well-received by her adoring fans and many were saying that it was quite a difference to her previous performance.

Among the various accessories was a glittering leotard with a pink feather boa, which acted like an extension of herself as she moved across the stage.

Another thing you can say about the pop star is that she never dresses down on stage or off and she certainly doesn’t put up with being dressed down by anyone.

Those who were truly loyal to her love her no matter what and Mariah knows it too. She’s often admitted that she has some of the most loyal fans in all the world.

Maybe they should sprinkle the stage with glitter as she goes on to her next adventure to conquer the world with her amazing voice.

Do haters have nothing better to do? They seem to forget that celebrities, even legends like Mariah Carey are also human and can have an off day.

It started by showing the pop star shimmying her hips as she allegedly went through the motions with her male dancers. Personally, we saw nothing wrong with it.

Mariah gets scooped up in the arms of a hunky male dancer, and as he does, she pulls a noticeably fake smile while she lies in his arms, hence the source of the controversy.

But Mariah continues to look a bit uncomfortable as she pulls herself upright. Maybe there was something going on backstage or in her personal life that simply had her distracted.

While we can’t say for sure, it’s only been a year since their divorce, and Cannon has openly admitted that he is still broken. So maybe Mariah is too, but her final performance in Vegas proved that diva was back.

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