Jealous Woman Caught On Video Attacking A 12-Year-Old Girl.

Jealous Woman Caught On Video Attacking A 12-Year-Old Girl. June 17, 2019

No matter what the circumstance, a person should never put their hands on another person’s kid — in private or public. With that said, you can see why Chere Fuller, was infuriated when she found out what happened to her 12-year-old daughter, Presley Keeney. Keeney was minding her own business when she was waiting outside a convenient store for her dad. However, she was much better off waiting inside the store. Even though Keeney’s dad was only a couple feet away, he wasn’t able to prevent his daughter being violently shoved down by a complete stranger.You’ll never know what you’re going to see next and the Internet never fails to shock us.

You’ll be especially aggravated if you have children of your own.

She was standing there when an older woman randomly appeared and pushed her violently down. And now her mother wants justice.

According to the report, 12-year-old Presley Keeney was waiting outside of a Quick Stop for her father.

An older man later approached her to ask if he could have a piece of her snack.

Nonetheless, Keeney honestly thought the man was hungry so she reached into her bag to offer him another Slim Jim that she bought.

The 29-year-old woman shoved the man away first and then proceeded to violently push Keeney to the ground.

Although she seemed unharmed, the culprits had already fled the scene.

She was absolutely disgusted to hear that a grown adult would actually do something like that to a young 12-year-old.

“She said she didn’t even have time to think when that woman turned around, cursed at her and pushed her hard in her chin and face,” Fuller told Times Leader.

“I cannot believe someone of her age and size would put her hands on a child like that.”

“I wanted to do something nice,” she told reporters. “I didn’t want him to starve.”

“She thought the man was hungry. Because she’s 12, she has an innocent mind. He walked over and said, ‘Could I get a piece of that?’ And I’m not sure he was talking about her food.”

If you pay close attention to the footage, you can see that Keeney was pushed so hard that her head almost hit the store’s door.

Thankfully, Kenney was only injured with a minor scrape on her hand. Unfortunately, however, Kenney was traumatized from the incident.

“I’m just completely heartbroken,” Fuller said. “I cannot believe someone of her age and size would put her hands on a child.”

**Watch the entire incident caught on surveillance in the video below. It shows the footage from two different cameras, showing the incident at two different angles.**