Remember Olympic Gymnast McKayla Maroney? Look What She’s Doing Now.

Remember Olympic Gymnast McKayla Maroney? Look What She’s Doing Now. August 13, 2018

Right now we are all talking about the “Final Five” American gymnasts who took the gold medal at the Olympic games in Rio. Four years ago, however, we were in love with the dynamic “Fierce Five,” including McKayla Maroney. McKayla not only helped her team win gold in the team competition, she earned a silver medal on the women’s vault. McKayla had to retire from gymnastics after injuries and surgeries from her strict training proved to be too much. Although, the sport is not to far from her. The 20-year-old is currently appearing on “Good Morning America” as part of the gymnastics coverage for Rio. McKayla is keeping busy with a new career in entertainment where she hopes to excel the way she did as a first class athlete. She is also happy to give up the “I’m not impressed” meme that went viral during the games in London.The California native was only 16 years old. She also has a team gold from the 2011 world championships. She won gold on the vault in 2011 and 2013 world championships as well.

McKayla was homeschooled so she could focus her training in gymnastics.

“Bad things happen, you just have to make the best of it. It does hurt. It’s broken. How is it not going to hurt? I just try to ignore it and I have worked so hard to be here I can ignore the pain for a little bit,” said McKayla about competing despite the pain.

McKayla has also had to deal with a broken tibia and had surgery on one of her knees.

She had wanted to keep competing and make it to Rio but due to health concerns she announced her retirement on February 24, 2016.

While competing and winning gold and silver in London, she inspired many little girls to join the sport.

“I didn’t know how I was going to be able to handle [watching the Rio Olympics], because being an athlete and being in that world, it’s almost like you’re like, ‘Oh man, I wish that I would’ve been able to be there,'” says McKayla.

She fell on her second vault but still her performance on the first was so strong she won the silver medal. Nonetheless, her “not impressed” look went viral with funny memes.

“I like to say my genre is vulnerable pop because it’s all melody and lyrically driven and heart driven,” explains McKayla.

“I haven’t had anything done. I’m just getting older and I’m 20 now. Four years ago, I was 16 and I weighed 20 pounds less than I do now,” says McKayla of her physical change.

She admits she loves to sing about love and is inspired by Taylor Swift’s music.

“I’m worth more than a gold medal. I’m worth more than being a gymnast. I am not what I do. I am who I am and I’m what I love,” says McKayla.