Couple’s Maternity Photoshoot In Pumpkin Patch Has A Hilarious Twist.

Couple’s Maternity Photoshoot In Pumpkin Patch Has A Hilarious Twist. October 18, 2020

Having a baby is one of the most extraordinary moments in a couple’s lives, hence why maternity photo shoots are so common and cute. It gives couples a way to celebrate the upcoming birth of the latest family addition. And you don’t have to really go crazy to make it all happen. You just need a baby in the oven, pick a beautiful setting, and in most cases, have a loving partner. But Todd and Nicole Cameron are not your atypical couple. They took their maternity photo shoot to a whole new creative level. So, if you’re worried that this might be some boring maternity photo shoot, relax. It won’t be, but it will probably make you scream.Nicole wore a sheer pink maternity gown, while Todd played the dreamy hubby and kissed her tummy.

The photo shoot started out pretty ordinary. But eventually, Nicole began experiencing labor pains.

Was it the baby? It couldn’t be. But something was wrong, and they had every right to be worried.

It was one of those creepy creatures from the “Alien” movies. But how on Earth was that even possible?

Nicole would have remembered being hugged by a “Face Hugger.” Her husband was very confused too.

Was his wife going to make it? Was he going to make it? These aliens weren’t known for their kindness.

“Baby come back! Don’t run away from me,” Todd probably shouted as he ran after the tiny xenomorph.

Most folks would know better, but Todd loved it anyway. It didn’t matter if the alien didn’t look like him.

It was unforgettable! She had the man she loved and a brand-new alien baby. They even got it a pacifier.

The couple kissed, but on the inside, they were laughing at the hilarious photo shoot they just pulled off.

With the help of photographer Li Carter, they pulled off a creepy maternity shoot in time for Halloween.

They’ve gone all out in the past. However, this photo shoot was really gut wrenching, but in a good way.