Mathematicians (And Spock) Love This Day… You Probably Didn’t Know It Was A Thing.

Mathematicians (And Spock) Love This Day… You Probably Didn’t Know It Was A Thing. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

If you love math, you will be in a party mood today. Pi day is officially here. No worries if you left that math unit behind in your junior high days. No one is expecting you to work on calculations on this day. Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, represented as 3.14159265359. Many math enthusiasts commemorate March 14 by eating a slice of pie or just reciting to the highest pi decimal place they can remember. Pi, unlike any other equation, has become part of pop culture appearing in songs, movies, and even colleges have cheers with the numbers 3.14159265359. Here are some fun facts about our favorite equation. They probably would not have helped understand our math teacher in school better, but it would have at least made the class more fun.

**Every Pi day is special but this year is extra special. There occurrences of the sequence 123456 in the first million digits of pi do not exist, except this year. That means for non-math majors that this is the closest numbers to the actual pi equation.**

**Pi is ancient! Although it is not known who began studying the concept of pi, the earliest written documentation date as far back as 1900 BC both in Egypt and Babylonia. The closest calculation was completed by Ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes of Syracuse (287-212 BC).**

**Both in Greek and English pi is the 16th letter of the alphabet.**

**The math genius Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Germany. Einstein began writing mathematics paper in his youth and came up with the equation of E=mc2.**

**Thus far, pi has 6.4 billion known digits. If you wanted to count that high, it would take you 133 years.**

**This is not a riddle. Mathematicians believe it is more correct to say the a circle has an infinite number of corners than to say a circle as corner-less.**

**Every number combination exists within pi, which makes many believe that the answer to the universe will come from none other than pi.**

**There are so many other equations, equally important so what’s the deal with pi? Physicist Carolyn Sealfon explains “the beauty and predictive power of science rests on people’s ability to uncover testable patterns in nature, and pi’s preponderance points to such patterns.”**

**Pi has made it in to pop culture. Spock famously beat the villainous computer in *Star Trek* by challenging it to “compute to last digit the value of pi.”**

**The [Exploratorium][1] in San Francisco is celebrating it’s 27th year Pi Day. Founded by physicist and pi expert Larry Shaw, this year the celebration begins at 1:59 a.m. PST equaling 3.14159.** [1]: http://www.exploratorium.edu/pi/

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