He Died After A ‘Pay-It-Forward’ Good Deed… But His Death Wasn’t In Vain.

He Died After A ‘Pay-It-Forward’ Good Deed… But His Death Wasn’t In Vain. December 2, 2017

Jamie-Lynne Knighten, mother of two, was at a Trader Joe’s in San Diego on Nov. 10 when she realized she had forgotten her debit card. Already at the register, Knighten pulled out her credit card only to see it decline due to an anti-fraud lock. With a crying baby and a line forming behind her, she was reaching a breaking point, according to Los Angeles Times. A young man stepped in and offered to foot the $200 grocery bill, but the distressed mother refused. He asked once again, and she accepted. In return, he requested only that she do the same for someone else. Knighten managed to uncover a few details – his name, Matthew Jackson, and place of employment, L.A. Fitness. After a week, she was still deeply moved by Jackson’s kind gesture and decided to contact his manager to deliver praise and possibly a ‘Thank You’ gift. His boss broke down in tears, and went on to explain that 28-year-old Jackson had passed away in a fatal crash days earlier, on Nov. 11. He had been driving a fellow co-worker whose car had broken down; the two passengers survived the accident. Knighten has since set up a Facebook page, [MatthewsLegacy][1], to honor the late Jackson and inspire readers everywhere to pay it forward. To offer help without being asked, and to be kind without ulterior motives — that’s the kind of person we should all strive to become. [1]: