Floyd Mayweather Was Caught With A Tiger In His Hotel Room.

Floyd Mayweather Was Caught With A Tiger In His Hotel Room. March 23, 2019

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the world of boxing, Floyd Mayweather Jr., is a former American professional boxer who competed from 1996 to 2015. Today, the 40-year-old champ works as a boxing promoter. But as impressive as his boxing career was, everyone has their limits, including Mayweather. But it wasn’t a human opponent that was giving him trouble, but rather his pet, and we’re not talking about a dog or a cat either. We’re referring to his fully-grown tiger, and a leaked video shows the ex-boxer being dragged around a hotel room by a big old cat.After all, he was undefeated in the boxing ring and holds a standing record of 49-0. He’s also well known for spending a lot of cash.

He not only creates a hype around himself all the time, but he’s also a champ at promoting fights as well.

But when you reach Mayweather’s level of achievement in the boxing ring, you’re bound to get a certain amount of envy and criticism.

They claimed that he had allegedly had a caged albino tiger at his 40th birthday party, which upset several animal lovers.

Of course, he had him on a leash the whole time to prevent the animal from getting out of control. But tigers are unpredictable.

After all, he was busy attending several venues and discussing his illustrious career while reportedly agreeing to a multi-million dollar cross- discipline fight with Conor McGregor.

Mayweather is absolutely fearless when it comes to sitting next to all sorts of creatures, and he doesn’t mind riding a camel either.

But it’s not considered entirely unethical, especially since it gives the animal plenty of publicity and exposure.

Especially in a public place like a hotel lobby or even a hotel room, where the space to run in hide is limited.

According to the World Wildlife Association, there are approximately 3,980 big cats left in the wild. So essentially, tigers are an endangered species, not a commodity.

They belong in their native habitats, not in a cage or as a prop to show-off or draw attention for a publicity stunt.

In most cases, celebrities grow tired of their pet tigers and discard them to a zoo or a roadside circus.

But in the video you see a moment where he seems to lose control of the animal. In fact, it’s more like the ex-boxer is being dragged by the beast.

Most end up being beaten by trainers or they develop a strong will of their own and are impossible to handle, so they wind up being euthanized.

So Mayweather’s tiger simply wanted to explore the room, which forced the boxer to pull hard on the leash to keep the cat close to him.

They’re like two best buds simply sitting on the steps of the stairs and chilling for a bit before making more public appearances for the hotel guests.

Aside from money, he’s also got a bunch of expensive cars, enormous homes, and oh yes, a pet tiger too.

It’s true that tigers do better in their natural habitat, and a time may come when Mayweather might have to part with the big cat.

They are natural predators after all and should be lurking in the water ready to strike their prey, not be roaming a hotel lobby with a bunch of “Happy Meals” with legs.

The tiger had been a Christmas present, which PETA is urging the boxer to give up so it can be returned to a wildlife sanctuary.

It’s been placed on a table in the hotel to allow photographers to take photos of the impressively awesome wild animal.

This became even more important after another small tiger was introduced into the room, which could have set the wild animal off.

Plus, they likely increased his coolness and masculinity by a factor of 10. Watch out Mayweather, cause that tiger might steal all your thunder.

Mike Tyson has famously owned three jungle cats of his own. But let’s hope Mayweather continues to treat his kindly. Wait! Is that a tiger print on the boxer’s jacket? Uh, oh!

He’s also pretty wild when it comes to business ventures. He’s insisted that he’ll come out of retirement to face UFC champ Conor McGregor, that is, if the UCF star can stop crying about money and finally sign the contract.