Only In Dubai Would They Build A Maze That Reaches Into The Clouds.

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The maze tower is found in Sheikh Zayed Road at the heart of the financial district in Dubai.

Finding your way out of a maze is exciting, scary, and challenging. The individual needs to be tactical in figuring out where to go next. It is a challenge of the mind as much as the body. Residents at the Rostamani Maze Tower in Dubai don't have to worry about getting lost to get to their apartments or business offices. The 56-floor skyscraper's maze can be found on the front of the building. The intricate and complex maze are actually the balconies of the suites. The Guinness World Records recognized the building in 2015 as the world’s tallest vertical maze. LED strips with changing colours are lit up at night to showcase this architectural masterpiece and highlight how each floor balcony is not designed the same way.

Brazilian Verde Bahia was the natural stone used throughout the exterior of the building.


At the top of the puzzle is the Maze Eye, an eight-metre high circular video that can display changing images.


"We always wanted The Maze to look like it was carved out of one massive piece of rock; with the constant play of light and shadow to render it alive," said Hassan Abdulla Al Rostamani, Vice Chairman of the Group and The Maze Tower Conceptualizer.