Meet Apollo, The One Eyed Kitty Who Waited 1.5 Years To Find The Perfect Home

Meet Apollo, The One Eyed Kitty Who Waited 1.5 Years To Find The Perfect Home April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Every living thing is beautiful and deserves a chance to a life filled with endless joy and love. Unfortunately, not everyone gets this fair chance, particularly animals who depend on their looks to be adopted by their forever family. One cat was rejected constantly because of the way he looks. No one wanted adopt him as he was deemed ugly. But everything happens for a reason. Apollo waited an year-and-a-half to have a human see beyond his physical appearance and see him for the amazing cat he truly is.He was initially sent to be euthanized. But the president of the Michigan Cat Rescue, Nancy Hutchinson, couldn’t bear at the thought of Apollo not being around.

“I just happened to go into the shelter that day just to look around and I saw this beautiful cat sitting there,” she recalls. “It’s a high-kill shelter and they felt sorry for him so they didn’t put him down yet.”

His eye ruptured inside his head, requiring urgent medical care. Apollo lost one of his eyes in the process.

Aside from only having one eye, Apollo was a senior cat. He had an amazing owner who sadly had to give him up when she had to go into a nursing home.

“I recall one time a lady came up to him at an adoption event. He was sitting in a cage and she told him to his face that he was ugly,” Hutchinson reveals. “I truly believe that he understood her because he put his head down. I could tell that he felt bad and it made me cry.”

She sought the help of social media to find Apollo a home. Soon, applications flooded in from people who wanted to adopt Apollo.

She found a woman in Michigan, named Denise. She was in her mid 50s, lived alone, and most importantly was financially and emotionally stable. “I don’t know what it was, but I just started crying and thought, ‘This is the one,'” she admits. “I called her and said, ‘We’ve been waiting for you for so long to come along.'”

Apollo has finally found a place to call his own and is in good care. But there are many more animals suffering a similar plight as Apollo. “So many cats are like Apollo who need someone to come along,” Hutchinson explains. “They’re not perfect cosmetically, but they have beautiful hearts and deserve a second chance.”

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