Meet Some Of The Record Breakers In Guinness World Records’ 2018 Edition.

Meet Some Of The Record Breakers In Guinness World Records’ 2018 Edition. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

It’s tough becoming a Guinness World Record holder these days. It seems like everyone has done just about everything from impractical to the extreme. So the become a record breaking champ and hold it, you have to do things no one else is willing to do, push yourself in ways you’ve never imagined possible, and force you to grow things longer than anyone else. But is it worth going through all the trouble? Absolutely! It shows the people of the world that there’s a new kind of normal, and that could include long fingernails, long brows, long legs, or the biggest stunt you’ve ever seen.The Russian beauty has a 52.2 inches long left leg and a right leg that’s 52 inches long. So, as of June 13th,2017, she holds the record for world’s longest legs in the female category.

In the latest edition of the Guinness World Records, Williams broke the record for the longest fingernails. But taking care of these is quite a hassle for the 60-year-old Houston, Texas native. She uses acrylic and nail hardener to keep them from breaking and has to clean them with anti-bacterial soap and a nail brush every day.

It’s 8 ft, 10.2 inches long, and unlike his daughter’s pint-sized version, it actually works on the road, but only for very short distances and doesn’t do well in the rain without any windows.

As of December 31st, 2012, Miley has one of the largest collections of teddy bears, and from the looks of it, the Hill City, South Dakota resident has no intention of stopping.

The Changzhou, Jiangsu, China native had her lashes measured on June 20th, 2016, and discovered they were 4.88 inches long, which was enough to land her a place in the Guinness World Record.

Well, Jamie Roberts and Tom Klotun of Chicago, Illinois verified on September 19th, 2016, that their stroller, which has an enclosure length of 4 ft 6.3 inches, broke the Guinness World Record.

It turns out that Freddy is the tallest dog in the world, but ironically, it’s Clare Stoneman, who gets to hold the certificate for a Guinness World Record he broke for being who he was.

No, seriously! He is officially recognized by a government as a cyborg because he had an antenna implanted in his skull so that he could hear color since he couldn’t see it because of his color blindness.

You may have noticed that he’s well-endowed with a certain body part. Oh, get your mind out of the gutter! We’re talking about his tail. It’s the longest anyone’s seen in this breed of animal.

As of May 4th, 2017, the channel has been seen 12,076,126,791 times since its inception on Mach 16th, 2015 by six-year-old Ryan who reviews the latest toys and games.

The Augsburg, Germany resident broke a world record on July 23rd, 2016 for eating 50-97 ounces of jelly in one minute while blindfolded. Now that takes a lot of guts!

The Venice, California resident became the oldest bodybuilder on September 7th, 2015, at the age of 83, during a professional bodybuilding competition. Now at 85, he’s still at it! Way to go, grandpa!

Just ask Hunter Ewen, who on September 4th, 2015, blew up 910 balloons in one hour, at the Wild Basin Lodge and Event Center in Allenspark, Colorado.

Bini the Bunny won the prestigious honor of holding the record for the Most Slam Dunks ever performed by a rabbit! Ha! Take that Bugs Bunny!

Yes, beating the world record wasn’t enough, so the impressive German continued to top his record in the latest edition of Guinness World Records, in case anyone out there dared to try and beat him.

But Andre Ortolf, yes! Mr. Most Marmite Eaten in one minute, returns, but this time in a team with Julia Kroll in Augsburg, Germany, on July 3rd, 2016, to bounce and catch the most tennis balls in 1 minute.

Neither did we, but the Portland Promise Center in Louisville, Kentucky, created the largest tape ball with a circumference of 12 ft 9 in and it weighted 2,000 lbs.

His high-top fade is 20.5 inches tall, and takes two hours to style. Not only is getting through the door a nightmare, but it tends to attract attention, it also put him into the Guinness World Records, so that’s a plus.

Wendy Suen of Shanghai, China owns the largest collection of snow globes as of November 27th, 2016, where it was verified that she had 4,059.

The West Des Moines, Iowa resident has one of the largest collection of X-Men items, and as of June 28th, 2012, he owns 15,400 items of the world’s most favorite mutants.

As of April 11th, 2015, Ladner has 8,226 different items related to the caped crusader, which was large enough to get into the Guinness World Records.

The plastic brick sculpture is 4 ft 3 in tall and is 18 ft long and 5 ft 6 in wide when it was measured in London on February 28th, 2017. We’re sure that Batman himself would be impressed.

Michael Carmichael of Alexandria, Indiana started painting the ball in 1977. Since then, he and his wife Glenda have added two coats per day. As of June 2004, the circumference of the ball is 9 ft 1 inc and has about 17,994 layers.

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