Meet The Bloodwood Tree That’s A Real-Life Halloween Nightmare.

Meet The Bloodwood Tree That’s A Real-Life Halloween Nightmare. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It’s an argument that goes back and forth; do plants feel? They do not have a brain or nervous system that tells them they are being hurt. Still, from the smallest to the tallest plants and trees, they all know to instinctively moving towards sunlight. According to the Institute for Applied Physics at the University of Bonn in Germany, plants release gases when they are being cut, the equivalent of crying out in pain. The university recorded the sounds the plants release in the form of gases using a laser-powered microphone. “The more a plant is subjected to stress, the louder the signal we get on our microphone,” explains one of the researchers, Frank Kühnemann. In fact, the summer smell of freshly cut grass is actually a chemical released to warn other plants of danger, according researchers from the University of Georgia. One tree in Africa displays its hurt and pain in a very human way.The tree can grow as high as 15 feet with its imposing stature and canopy like branches.

The tree releases the red sap to heal the area where it was cut.

The material has been used for furniture and canoes.

The blood-like appearance has many locals believing it has magical powers.

It is used to treat eye problems, blackwater fevers, ringworms, and increase breast milk production.

This tree literally bleeds out when it is chopped down.

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