25 Funny Memes That Will Make You LOL If You Grew Up In The 90’s.

25 Funny Memes That Will Make You LOL If You Grew Up In The 90’s. June 6, 2020

The 90s are long gone, but not forgotten… and they never will be if you were born in that era. You remember what it was like back then, don’t you? You didn’t need phones to text your friends in class. You passed notes to one another behind the teacher’s back. You loved hanging out with your friends outside and actually talking to people face to face. Britney Spears reigned queen supreme, and everyone loved to hate on The Backstreet Boys. Today, most kids spend their time online and would never understand why the 90s were so much cooler. Your childhood was amazing, but it’s over now. However, you can relive those memories with this list of witty memes that you can totally relate to.You used to grab a bottle of shampoo and read off all the benefits while you were taking a poo. You never knew how many ingredients were in that bottle of Pantene or all the awesome benefits they provided for your hair until you took the time to read the label.

Things were different back then. But things have changed, and we all know this. Kids use their phones, even when they’re hanging out with their friends all the time. Most kids won’t get dirty because that would mean their phones might get damaged. I know. The horror!

How could you not? Most of them came with the lyrics of the songs so you could sing along to your favorite music. Today, kids just Google the lyrics, and you probably do too, but it’s nice to reminisce once in a while.

You relied on disposable cameras that only had 12 to 24 photos, so you spent like forever trying to make sure that everyone was in the shot before you snapped the photo. You also had to wait a week for the film to get developed and Photoshop couldn’t save you from a bad picture

You relied on the simple games that Microsoft Windows had to offer. On occasion, you could buy separate games Like “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.” But for the most part, you just played cards or doodled with paint.

In those days, wearing an animal on the front of a shirt or a rainbow-colored shirt with purple pants was considered cool. Today, you would be too embarrassed to leave the house looking like this, because kids these days are like miniature versions of Heidi Klum.

If you only knew how much of a pain it was to go through a bunch of index cards to find the book that could possibly lead you to the material you were trying to research. Then you had to figure out the whole Dewey Decimal System to find the book, which was another nightmare on its own.

You were probably the official human remote control for the TV because you were such a teacher’s pet. Of course, you had to wait for the other teacher’s pet in class to roll the TV over from the audiovisual room to the classroom.

At the time, you felt like you were on top of the world because the future had embraced you in all of its glory. But today, no one has time to appreciate how long it took for you to pick certain songs and burn them on a CD, which didn’t always play on your CD player.

You had to shove your portable CD player inside the pocket of your jacket and hope that it wouldn’t fall off. You also couldn’t rely on your windows automatically rolling down with a touch of a button because you had to crank your window up or down. Downloading was also a nightmare with dial-up.

You found a clever way to communicate with your peers by writing notes full of gossip, funny jokes, or personal drama. Then you’d fold them and ask a classmate to pass the note on until it reached your friend. You still remember the thrill you got when the teacher came close to catching that note.

You thought to yourself, “I want a house that big and full of lights for Christmas.” But as you got older you started to wonder what Kevin McAllister’s dad did for a living that allowed him to afford such a cool house and send his entire family to Paris, France.

Admit it! Blue wave and fire format were your favorite. And those school essays you wrote were spot on and eye-catching thanks to this nifty little feature. Some of you probably took an hour to decide which one to pick.

Today, everyone gets a dose of reality TV, a couple of awards, and maybe a few shows like “Teen Wolf”, which has nothing to do with music. But in those days, you only had to flip the channel to MTV to listen to MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice doing their thing.

For most youngsters, this is just a piece of trash because they don’t have a clue what it is. But to you, it’s a relic of a not-so-distant past because it contained your favorite music. It’s also the precursor to CDs, which made these magnetic cassette tapes obsolete.

You had hard copies of your favorite music on CDs, and you had the toughest time trying to get the zipper to close because all the CD envelopes were full. Now, all of that music probably fits into a 16 gig USB drive.

It didn’t really tell the time, but you never went hungry either. The only thing you didn’t like was the fact that on hot days, they would turn sticky and leave color stains on your skin. Today, kids are using computer watches that link up the internet and do all sorts of futuristic things.

Sadly, you couldn’t reuse the old tips, but when you did have them, you spent a lot of time smelling these enhanced pencils, because some of them were scented and smelled like fruit. They were very cool to have, but alas, they are but a distant memory.

Blocking someone was easier in the 90s. You took the phone off the hook and no one could reach you unless they came knocking on your door. You could also turn the ringer off, but this was easier to do, because if you had an answering machine, the ringer wouldn’t block the call.

Slides like these were not kid-friendly. One would burn you because the metal would get very hot under the sun’s rays. The other was made of plastic, but it caused some serious static shock that left you crying by the time you made it to the bottom.

There’s nothing wrong with this retro look, because it was better than walking around with holes in your jeans. But these jeans were annoying in the rain because when you stepped in a puddle of water or mud, they got drenched and dirty at the bottom of each leg.

It was nerve-wracking! There was no logic or pattern to the game. Every time you pressed a tile, it was a gamble because if you hit a mine it was game over. You didn’t get extra lives or anything. You just lost and you had to start all over again.

You picked at it with your fingernails, but no matter how much you tried, you couldn’t get the paper off. So, at some point you just gave up and decided to stick it in your mouth and eat it. After all, no one ever had to call 911 for eating bits of paper.

Then your teacher took it from you right when you were about to feed it, and by the time you got it back, your digital pet was in digital heaven. For a digital creature, the Tamagotchi pet was high maintenance, so when you finally got your mom to buy you a new one, you had her take care of it during school hours.

Sticker collection was so much cooler than trying to catch a digital Pokémon with a Smartphone. But if you try to show your collection to a kid in today’s day and age, they’ll probably look at you like you’re an alien because they just don’t get it.