Now Your Ashes Can Be Turned Into Stunning Artwork When You Die.

Now Your Ashes Can Be Turned Into Stunning Artwork When You Die. November 30, 2018

No one can tell anyone how to grieve. The process is long and painful. Trying to live life without the person that means so much is a journey that takes time and patience. The surviving family and friends often find ways to pay tribute, a way to remember and honour the individual who has passed on. Being buried in a cemetery or keeping the ashes in an urn are not the only way to keep the person’s presence alive. [Bios][1] urn as well as ashes to [diamonds][2] are just two of the ways loved ones are kept closed. Artful Ashes is a Seattle-based company that takes a loved ones ashes and turns them into distinct and exclusive glass orbs or hearts. [1]: http://www.lifebuzz.com/biodegradable-urn/ [2]: http://www.lifebuzz.com/diamonds/Colours and swirls are used to reflect the person’s personality.

The solid glass weighs between 12 to 14 ounces.

Every glass memorial comes in a velvet pouch along with a certificate of authenticity.

Each glass memorial retails for $185 plus shipping.

“My wife and I love our business and feel the greatest reward comes when we return the beautiful heart. Lots of happy tears and hugs,” shares Dale on the company’s Facebook page.

They also create the glass orbs and hearts with pet’s ashes.

The company has mailed over 10,000 of the glass memorials all over the United States.

The actual ashes appear in the form of a white foamy layer.