Men Are Using This Calculator Trick To Get Women’s Phone Numbers…

Men Are Using This Calculator Trick To Get Women’s Phone Numbers… April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Want to get someone’s cell phone number, but not sure how to ask? Well, now there’s a way you can get someone’s digits and look pretty impressive while doing it — and it all hinges on your phone’s calculator. The trick was reported by Greg Dybec, a writer for Elite Daily who recently spent time with his friend, who happens to be somewhat of a pickup artist. According to him, you can actually get someone’s phone number by having them perform an equation on their phone calculator. The goal is that they’ll be so impressed, they’ll be more inclined to let you call them some time. Sly, but ultimately, a solid technique. But does it work? Follow the step-by-step guide below to find out.

Approach someone you’re interested in and make the claim: You can get their number using only their phone calculator. The number used here is 310-123-4567.

Make sure they open the calculator app on their phone.

Make it clear that the only number you need from them ahead of time is their area code. Make a mental note.

Have them type in the first three digits of their phone number into the calculator — not the area code, though.

Tell them to multiply that number by 80.

After that equation, tell them to add one.

Next, have them multiply that number by 250.

Tell them to add the last four digits of their number to this figure

Then do exactly the same thing, once more.

Subtract 250 from this figure.

Divide the entire thing by two.

Bask in the glory of their facial expression, because you just got their phone number via calculator!

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