Teen Loses 115 Pounds By Walking To And From School Every Day.

Teen Loses 115 Pounds By Walking To And From School Every Day. May 22, 2021

It goes without saying that it’s not easy to be a teenager in this day in age. Not only do teens have to make sure they act and look cool enough, but they also have to develop an extremely thick skin to keep the bullies at bay. When this teen couldn’t stand looking in the mirror anymore, he decided to make some not-so-drastic changes that completely turned his life around.At the time, Michael was 6-foot-4 inches tall, 325 pounds, and he was the center of attention when it came to bullies. “My self-confidence was zero,” said Michael. Of course, comments about his “three chins” didn’t help him feel any better, either.

Michael says that looking into the mirror and giving himself an honest look caused him to change one major habit in his life. Knowing that he needed to do something, Michael began walking a few miles back and forth from school each day.

Every single day, he walks 20 minutes to and from school, regardless of the weather. Not only does he refuse rides from other people, but he also refuses to take the bus, even though he admits that he doesn’t even know its schedule.

Despite being around not-so-healthy food all day, Michael is committed to making healthy choices for himself. Thanks to his decision to care for himself, Michael has lost an incredible 115 pounds!

Terrance Jones, a graduation coach and family specialist at the school, says that he’s proud of Michael’s dedication to his health. “It’s an example of courageous personal development that’s rare for a high school student. Mike’s decision to the initiative to live a healthier lifestyle and to stay consistent with it will always stay with me,” said Terrance.

For those of you that want to make some positive life changes, Michael has some advice for you: “Keep trying, no matter how many setbacks you experience. Consistency and perseverance are key!”