Michelle Heaton Made Some Followers Angry For Sharing Close Up Of Her Workout Video.

Michelle Heaton Made Some Followers Angry For Sharing Close Up Of Her Workout Video. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Who needs a personal trainer these days when you’ve got YouTube videos made by fitness gurus showing you how it’s done. But then again, there are so many fitness fanatics making these how-to videos that it’s hard to choose. So Michelle Heaton found an interesting way of sharing a workout video that will really get your attention, but it’s left some of her fans shocked.As a mom, she shows you how you can keep your kids in check, workout, look good, and even have time to enjoy a glass of wine.

Just look at how lovely she looks in these clothes. She might as well be a fitness model. She’s the epitome of perfection.

This means you have to put in the time and the effort because dieting is hard work and you have to have patience because losing weight doesn’t happen overnight.

In a recent clip, she placed a camera at hip level while she performed a series of box jumps, and what was that for?

Sadly, nothing worked for her, but there was one thing that actually did and that involved eating healthier, and of course, working out.

This stunned several of her followers, one of whom called her video “a rude awakening,” as Michelle left very little to the imagination.

It’s easy because you don’t really need to go to the gym. You can just project yourself from the ground up and land with two feet on an elevated box and then jump back down.

Fans hearts also jumped when they noticed how much she was showing as she bent down before beginning her jumps.

**When you’re determined, nothing gets in your way, whether it’s an illness, or haters who want to focus on your body and control how much you expose, and how you should look.**

#workoutvideo nothing like early morning box jumps to get the heart racing for the day #fitness #FitnessMotivation #video #sweaty #cardio A post shared by Michelle Heaton (@wonderwomanshel) on Jul 17, 2017 at 10:18pm PDT

Some would say that they were being downright mean to Michelle, and we’d dare say that she didn’t deserve any of that.

Was it really necessary to attack the way Michelle looked simply because they didn’t agree with the way she did her exercises?

They recognized Michelle’s achievements as a fitness guru and a busy mother and warned people who had anything negative to say.

She has to work out four or five times a week on an empty stomach before her two kids, Faith, 5, and Aaron, 3, wake up, and she doesn’t have to film her workouts but she knows how badly we all want to stay fit.

“My whole thing is to get women to be more confident about their bodies no matter what size they are and to show that you can change the way you look if you want to,” she explained.

She was only 35 when menopause set in, and there were days when she felt really tired and down. But she found a way to snap herself out of the depression she was in through exercise.

She also captioned the image by adding “when your manager persuades you to bare all on “Loose Women,” the least she can do is smile in my mirror selfie I took earlier.”

She wanted to display her hysterectomy and C-section scars for the first time and she admits that she was terrified before stepping in front of the cameras to reveal her scars.

She had undergone two C-sections, a double mastectomy, which requires reconstructive surgery, a hysterectomy and oophorectomy.

There’s nothing worse for a mother than fearing she might not see her kids grow, and doctors warned her that her mutated BRCA2 gene put her at high risk of cancer, so the surgeries were a preventative measure.

“We’re all very strong and do whatever we want to do and be whoever we want to be,” she said. “If I don’t show everybody that you can do it, who am I give advice to other people? It’s kind of invigorating!”

But of course, it doesn’t mean that she won’t reward herself when she’s out eating dinner on the weekends with her hubby. It’s all a balancing act that requires maintenance to achieve total enjoyment.

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