Middle-Aged Japanese Man Transforms Into Handsome Bodybuilder After Wife Left Him.

Middle-Aged Japanese Man Transforms Into Handsome Bodybuilder After Wife Left Him. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Love can make people do crazy things, but the lack of love can do even more. When someone feels the loss of losing someone they love, they can fall into a pit of despair, or they can rise up and become better than they were before. That’s exactly what this Japanese man did when his wife walked out on him. With a few lifestyle changes and a positive mindset, this man made incredible progress in a short amount of time.After all, he was happily married, so why wouldn’t he be happy? Unfortunately, things weren’t going as well as Shirapyon thought they were.

Shirapyon knew that he had very few choices when it came to what he was going to do next. He could either sit around drinking through his depression or he could do something about it.

After he got divorced from his wife, he decided to return to the ways of his past. In an interview with Bored Panda, Shirapyon said: “I divorced 5 years ago, and for a while, I was drinking only liquor. But then I remembered my youth suddenly. I thought that I’d like to participate in a bodybuilding contest.”

“I lost weight in my own style, I lost 12 kilograms through diet and hard work at the gym. At my first contest, I did not qualify. But I loved the challenge and have now been competing in bodybuilding contests for 4 years,” explained Shirapyon.

Now, he spends most of his free time working out in the gym. He also enters himself into different bodybuilding events, typically placing high in the competition.

Thanks to his incredible journey of self-improvement, Shirapyon fell in love again. This time, with someone who appreciates him and his ambition: a bikini fitness model!

“I changed my body, and destiny was changed. It doesn’t have to be bodybuilding that creates the spark. It can be swimming, a marathon, any hobby. Anything that takes perseverance to improve oneself. I fight against myself, not others,” said Shirapyon during the interview.

Thanks to his new and improved lifestyle, Shirapyon is modeling and acting in commercials! He also enjoys doing cosplay as the well-known anime character Tien Shinhan, from Dragon Ball Z.

“I’m happy to be the cause from which someone’s change has begun. If you want to be reborn, do it while you’re still alive,” says Shirapyon. There’s no greater truth than that, that’s for sure.

So, what kind of advice does this bodybuilder have for someone who needs a lifestyle change? “Don’t make excuses until you’ve tried everything that you possibly can,” he says. Well, you’ve done a great job and you’re certainly proof that with a little bit of will, we can accomplish anything.

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