Members Of Midget Crime Gang Got Themselves Into A Little Trouble.

Members Of Midget Crime Gang Got Themselves Into A Little Trouble. July 4, 2019

The Internet is so convenient when it comes to catching up on current events. Newsworthy stories get written and published online almost immediately. Just because something is posted on the Internet, however, it doesn’t mean you should believe it. People have to be careful when they read online articles. Make sure the website or online source you’re reading from is credible, otherwise the interesting story you’re reading may be completely fabricated — like the one we have for you today.The three members were from a supposed group called the “Irish mob midgets.”

The three individuals were suspected of breaking an entering into several homes. In addition, authorities have reasons to believe that the same crime organization could be involved with 55 other burglaries in the region.

In order to get into the homes, they allegedly crawled through tight spaces like pet doors, chimneys and small windows.

Nonetheless, multiple members from the organization have reportedly been arrested in the past for various charges such as arson, aggravated assault and drug-trafficking.

So far, the story has already generated over 360,000 reactions, shares and comments on Facebook.

The man photographed below’s real name is Obiwan Kenobi (yes, that’s his real legal name). He was arrested back in 2012 for a hit and run.

His real name is Collin Matthew Brown. He was arrested in 2015 in New York for breaking into various cars in the Riverside Drive area.

In addition, the man in this mugshot is the only one out of the three that is actually a little person.

One classic rock station from South Carolina alone got the story up to almost 500 shares.

Unfortunately, a lot of people sharing the story have used it as a means to jokingly mock little people. Nonetheless, it seems like everyone’s on the same page when it comes to concluding that this story is ultimately fake.