15 Funny Jokes That Capture What It’s Like To Be A Millennial.

15 Funny Jokes That Capture What It’s Like To Be A Millennial. April 11, 2020

You’re a millennial if you were born sometime between the early 80’s and the mid-90’s. It might not be something you want to admit, but you’re one of them. This generation was dubbed “millennials” because they were going to be the first class to graduate in the new millennium, aka 2000. But millennials can’t get a break. They either get applauded by other millennials, or they’ll experience some serious eye-rolling from those who aren’t. But they’re done taking people’s criticism and are now going on Twitter, and you’ll be so glad that they did.

Millennials are often accused of undermining several types of norms, including homeownership. After all, a lot of millennials are struggling with debt from student loans, which is something that baby boomers rarely worried about. So many millennials have chosen to simply get a roommate or move back in with their parents, even if they’re in their 30s. But can you really blame them given their horrible wages, rising cost of homes, and job competition?

This is a great example! Did you ever stop and think just how much the cost of avocados has increased in the last few years? In 2017, the cost went up by over 125%, and yes, they’re fruits, not vegetables, and they’re usually priced at $3 each. You’ll find plenty of jokes about millennials and their love for avocado toast, and it’s well deserved. Going by some of those photos, we can’t help but wonder if they can afford to buy avocados. But when it comes to getting some guacamole, you’ll prioritize your budget to make it happen.

Things seemed to be much easier back in the day, right? We’re not exaggerating when we say that things in the past were better. It’s no wonder that millennials always seemed so stressed all the time. The cost of gas, higher education, homes, and let’s not forget, avocados, have gone up. The ozone layer continues to diminish, and the political climate is a total disaster. So, it’s a real no-brainer that millennials would get overwhelmed with stress.

Millennials are said to be bringing down industries across the board. They ask, no, no… they demand flexible hours which has put the 9 to 5 work day in jeopardy. They’ve changed the face of a regular movie and dinner dates using things like OkCupid matches and Tinder swipes. Bar soaps are no longer cool because they prefer liquid soap. But we really can’t imagine a world without bar soap, can you? VILLAINS!

In the last two years, the debate over climate change has come up over a million times. Humanity also has to face the fact that sea ice habitats are being affected and placed at risk of vanishing because of climate change, which ultimately puts the lives of species like polar bears in mortal danger. In fact, in the US, polar bears are in the Endangered Species Act as of May 2008. But that’s fine, let’s complain about why you can’t throw your money at Sears.

Health care sucks if you’re living in the United States. The costs are rising about 1,000 percent, so if you can’t afford it, you’re basically penalized. So basic care is something that people are pushing towards and millennials are doing their research, boy! Say what you want about them, but they’re smart, and while they may believe in modern medicine, they avoid doctors because of the costs up front. How dare they?!

Baby boomers probably assume that millennials are at home, wearing yoga pants, spreading their toast with avocado, drinking overpriced latte, and spending $1,000 on a stupid little smartphone. But then again, a millennial often considers their parent’s house to be home, only work part-time, and they spend what little money they earn on jeans worth $300. That’s probably why they can’t afford diamonds or a house of their own, and not because high levels of unemployment make it difficult to find a good job.

In the past year, have you spent time filling out a job application online? If you haven’t, good for you, because for the rest of us who have, it’s so annoying. You don’t just have to attach your resume, which you’ve spent a lot of time making it perfect and adding as many details as possible, but you end up having to enter all that information all over again online. What’s the point of wasting so much time? It just leads to a bunch of frustration.

We dog millennials for loving brunch, but all we got to say is, is that so wrong? So what if they enjoy spending money on great food that they want to eat? They’re actually giving the hospitality industry the boost it needs. It doesn’t mean that they’re spending the money they should be using for rent or healthcare on going to brunch. Perhaps the real reason millennials can’t buy a home is because all the baby boomers already own all the reasonably priced houses?

The previous generation might judge and laugh at millennials for their unique way of doing things, but this is a nice comeback. If buying rocks makes you happy, then that’s cool. We’re not judging you here. But people used to sell rocks that people turned into pets. So you essentially spent money on a rock you could get for free in your own property or a park. At least you could actually grow plants when you bought a Chia Pet.

Millennials prefer to spend the money they earn on food and rent. It’s the diamond industry that hasn’t managed to get millennials to waste money on luxurious items. Then again, in lieu of material wealth and expensive items, millennials prefer to experience new things, like traveling. Besides, millennials are more aware of the exploitation and conflicts involving diamonds. Or maybe they’re cashiers at a grocery store.

A housing shortage study from claims that housing shortage is caused by two reasons. Baby boomers refuse to sell their properties, and most homes are designed to fit family needs. This keeps a large number of houses off the market and away from millennials. So, if you ask yourself why millennials don’t buy homes? It’s because baby boomers are hogging them all. Now, if only we had a dollar to spare.

There are a lot of reasons why baby boomers don’t like retiring when they turn 65. For one thing, they’re healthier than those that came before them, so they decide they can keep on working, and earn money to buy new things. This prevents millennials from taking over the jobs that offered advancement opportunities. So, millennials assumed that they may not get to retire because they’ll never have enough seniority or enough cash. The truth is, they’re probably right. But hey! Looking on the bright side, they’ve got avocados, right?

Millennials are always blamed for everything that’s wrong in the world. People claim they ruined the concept of home ownership, diamonds, and department stores. But no one stops to consider why millennials think and act the way they do. Okay, so maybe they’re a bit self-obsessed with selfies and social media. They might even be a bit irresponsible. But they’re also educated about issues and are more vocal about politics. Besides, there’s no such thing as a perfect generation. Now seriously dude, who wants brunch? I know I do!