20 DIY Tiny Christmas Trees To Make Your Home Extra-Christmassy.


Mini Wooden Christmas Trees

The one thing that every household needs during the Christmas season is a Christmas tree. Nothing will ever compare to a real life Christmas tree that almost touches the ceiling completely decked out in ornaments. However, not everyone always has the time to go out and physically bring a tree home. With that being said, it's always nice to switch things up a little bit. If you don't have time to shop for an actual tree this season, why not try committing to mini DIY Christmas trees this year? They're super cute and totally add to the Christmas spirit. The best part: there's several different types and designs you can choose from! Checkout some of the ones we've compiled below to help you get started!Are you planning on having a modern Christmas this year? If so, these little mod pastel trees will be the perfect addition to your decor!
sugar and cloth

Mini Balsa Wood Christmas Trees

Use balsa wood to recreate these cute little trees. Don't worry about using any power tools, you won't need them. Balsa wood is so soft that you can use a craft knife to cut it.
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Fresh Mini Christmas Trees

Use tree trimmings and tree trunk stumps or wooden flat disks to create fresh real mini trees! Unfortunately these will only last one season but you can save the wood pieces for future years.
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Book Page Christmas Trees

If you've got an old book you've been meaning to recycle, rip out the pages to recreate this festive looking tree. For a hint of sparkle, you can add a bit of glitter to the edges.

Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Go outside and pick up some of the pinecones from your front or backyard to recreate these little trees. Just place them in mini pots and you're good to go!
scissors and spoons

Gingerbread Christmas Trees

Bake gingerbread cookies in the shape of tree sides to create a family of 3-d gingerbread trees. What's better than an edible tree?
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Pretty Pearl Mini Christmas Trees

Use pearls and lace to create a more antique and vintage looking Christmas tree. They'll go great anywhere in the home.
diy heather

Christmas Tree Cones

These are fancy looking but in reality they're just paper cones wrapped in the ribbon or fabric of your choice!

Gold Leaf Trees

Recreate this glamorous tree with a durafoam cone and gold metallic leaves. Just use a hot glue gun to attach the leaves to the foam and voila!
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Book Tree

If you've got a large collection of books that vary in sizes, stack them all together to create one mini book tree. Put the biggest ones on the bottom and the smallest ones on top.
Aga Inés

Yarn Wrapped Trees

If you can't knit or crochet, don't fret. This tree is perfect for you. All you need to be good at is wrapping yarn and using a hot glue gun!
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Mod Light-Up Trees

These trees are a little different and probably what you're not used to but it doesn't hurt to try something new.

Coffee Filter Christmas Tree

If you've got a ton of coffee filters hanging around that you don't really plan on using, this is the perfect tree project for you.
crafts by amanda

Origami Tree

If you have the patience and have a skill in folding tiny paper, this origami tree may be for you. It'll be challenging but definitely well worth it in the end.
paper man origami

Mini Modern Christmas Trees

Paint a few paper mache cones green with craft paint and decorate them with poms poms and chenille tinsel trim for this simple look.
alyssa and carla

Fuzzy Christmas Tree

It doesn't get much more glam than this! Wrap a styrofoam or paper mache cone with fuzzy fabric and use hot glue to secure it.
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3-D Aluminum Trees

These are the type of trees that'll turn heads at the Christmas party. Add this 3d aluminum tree to your Christmas display to add some uniqueness to your decor.
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Twig Trees

For a super minimalistic look, go outside to collect twigs from the ground to create twig trees! All you have to do is glue the twigs together.

Felt-Shingled Tree

Cut out little circles of felt and stack them together on a cone to create a felt-shingled tree.

Burlap Christmas Trees

If you're going for more of the rustic look this season, these burlap trees are definitely for you. Just wrap your cone in burlap and festive twine!
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