This Sneaky Cat Has An Inappropriate Obsession.

This Sneaky Cat Has An Inappropriate Obsession. February 20, 2020

You’ve heard of the term cat burglar, right? But you always assumed that it refers to some random guy dressed all in black, wears a mask, and breaks into people’s homes. You’d never assume that a cat could literally be a cat burglar. Well, obviously, you haven’t met Brigit, a black kitty who has an affinity for the most unusual items. She likes boxer briefs and socks, and it’s going around all over Hamilton East, Ontario, taking what doesn’t belong to her. So if you happen to live in this area, you might want to be on the lookout for this adorable, and fluffy kitty cat before you have to start wearing pants without any underwear.She might only be 6 years old, but she’s picked up some really bad habits… particularly stealing. But she’s not after people’s televisions, jewelry, shoes, or cash. She wants to steal your underwear, particularly men’s underwear.

“Where in the heck were all these men’s underpants coming from?”, she wondered. It didn’t take her long to figure out who the culprit was. So, she put out an ad apologizing to anyone in her neighborhood who happened to be missing socks and underwear.

Meanwhile, Brigit’s reign of terror continued on the streets of Hamilton. Sarah managed to find 11 pairs of men’s underwear and over 50 socks in only two months alone, but she expected the number to grow.

She found it really weird that her cat had a specific taste for men’s underwear and socks, but that wasn’t always the case. Sarah admitted that in their previous home, Brigit brought home men and women’s undies. She even brought a jumper and a hockey shin pad too.

Since living in their current property, Brigit has been scavenging men’s items for anywhere from two to six months. After they moved to George St. She stopped for a while, but it seems that she’s gotten used to her new home and neighborhood, so she’s back on the path to stealing things again.

Every night, she wakes up to find more and more pairs of socks lying around the house. The kitty will sometimes put her booty on Sarah’s bed, but sometimes she just leaves them by the cat flap that’s outside.

She assumed that they got stuck there when Brigit tried jumping the fence. She often leaves socks in the front and back doorsteps too. Fortunately, Sarah is about to move to the country soon, but would really like to give back what was stolen before she leaves. Meanwhile, Brigit is still on the hunt.