These Clueless People Think They’ve Met An ACTUAL Celebrity… Someone Should Tell Them.

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She thought she was meeting the President.

Imagine the scene: You're out one night enjoying yourself, when all of a sudden, you catch a glimpse of your favorite celebrity. You freak out, ask them to take a photo, and they willingly oblige. You share the photo to Facebook, and all your friends are jealous. Maybe it was even one of the best nights of your life. There's only one problem: That celebrity you freaked over? **It's not really a celebrity.** Below are 25 of the funniest mix-ups and lookalike situations that have ever been documented on social media. **#17 must get that all the time.**

There's something strange about Hugh Laurie...

Johnny Depp is looking haggard these days.

This guy just let him think he was Hugh Jackman.

At least Arya Stark knows she has a body double.

Ryan Gosling, if you need glasses.

Oh, did you really?

Well, this is a fail.

Not even close.

Just let the boys have their dream.

This looks nothing like Bruno Mars, but she definitely thought he was Bruno Mars.

Not many people know what Calvin Harris looks like, but he doesn't look like this.

I could see how they'd make this mistake.

He has the essence of Usher, but he's not Usher.

I wonder if phony George RR Martin is also writing a book.

Many of the commenters are confused.

This guy probably uses this to his advantage.

A slightly plump Bradley Cooper is no Bradley Cooper at all.

The real, not real Kenny Powers.

It looks like Zach Galifianakis, and dresses like Zach Galifianakis...but it's not Zach Galifianakis.


This man is probably much nicer than Mike Tyson.

This is actually a passable DeNiro.

"He keeps saying his name is Dave."

Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg...what's the real difference, anyways?