Mistaken Identity Turned An Unknown Teacher Into A Fashion Icon.

Mistaken Identity Turned An Unknown Teacher Into A Fashion Icon. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Fordham University professor Lyn Slater’s story recently went viral after millions of people stared in awe as this gorgeous 63-year-old flaunted her incredible looks in a series of photoshoots that could easily belong in Vogue. And if you thought you were looking at photos of a model/fashionista icon strut her stuff in the streets while attending her business, you’re not alone. Lyn was accidentally photographed by a group of spectators and journalists when she was walking about, minding her own business, as they believed they had spotted a celebrity. Ironically enough, those photos ended up changing her life and catapulting herself, her immaculate fashion sense, and outfits to fame. She’s now working with Elite models, and managing a blog that gets as much traffic as she gets stares.The Fordham University professor would’ve never imagined that dressing the part (and then some!) could skyrocket one’s career as much as it did. Especially when being a model and blogger wasn’t exactly her job or career at the time!

She’s not admired solely due to having the financial freedom to purchase expensive clothing, or having enough fashion sense to choose avant-garde and edgy clothes, which is really hard to do, to be honest. Good taste is innate, but confidence is what sells the garment. Confident is what makes thousands admire this gorgeous woman. Just seeing her pose makes you wonder if she was a supermodel in another life.

She’s a vision in real life and on photoshoots. Lyn looks like a haute couturier’s dream come true, as she’s able to confidently wear a garment, and isn’t intimidated to try new things and rewrite the rules. After all, if you’re not having fun, then you’re not doing it right!

Well, sort of. See, she had put on an outfit that would make Andy Warhol, Mark Jacobs and Tom Ford give her a standing ovation. She epitomized art, fashion, and looked so on fleek while she waited to meet a friend at the Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week.

So they started taking pictures of lovely Lyn, who was caught off guard, but still posed flawlessly.

And hey! They ended up getting photos of a famous icon, all they had to do was wait for her to reach that status!

Her iconic looks that would make Ana Wintour proud drove everyone crazy, and her story went viral fast. Now everyone wanted to see more. She landed a few interviews, and started her own blog, aptly titled “Accidental Icon.”

She said, “I think, if you are comfortable in what you’re wearing, no matter how old you are and you’re owning it, you’re going to look completely fine.” Preach, sister!

But nowadays, she’s too busy working for Elite model management and posing for several ad campaigns that want to feature edgier models.

The 63 year old stunner proves beauty and fashion is ageless and every single human being in this world has the right to feel beautiful and express it on their everyday lives, and on mainstream media, as she has also modeled for Mango and Uniqlo.

Ageism is alive, and much like any type of discrimination, it must be eradicated. The way to do it is to openly discuss it, and stay strong while most of the world is trying to shut you down and tell you to conform to the rules.

Lyn is proof that there isn’t such thing as “dressing for your age,” as each person’s got the right to dress however they feel like it, and the world simply has to deal with it. Go, Lyn!

She’s the epitome of punk rock and a rebellious spirit that can’t be tamed. That’s why over 100.000 followers can’t seem to get enough of her contagious soul, and constantly post loving messages on her Instagram account. *Looks at one single photo, subscribes*

Freedom of choice is beautiful and timeless. Being told how to speak, what to wear, when, and what kind of body to have? Not so much.

We’re different, we’re wild, poised, classic, edgy, young, old, interesting and boring. But for so long, the fashion industry has been obsessed with teenage-looking, smooth-skin, tall, regal models who do nothing for those who don’t identify with that look.

No, tight bodycon dresses are not just for skinny women. Cleavage doesn’t look great on buxom ladies solely, and shiny metallic and colorful patterns and big bold accessories aren’t just for preteens. You can and should wear anything you want!

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