16 Must-See Architectural Wonders Of The Modern World

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In Wujin, China, the Lotus Building looks more like a blooming flower of delight.

Who needs the 7 Wonders of the World when you've got some of the coolest buildings right here in modern times? It seems as though with each passing year, we find cool new ways to outdo ourselves when it comes to architecture. Just look at these buildings that defy your average sterile bland looking average structures you see every day. Some of these look like something that came out of a sci-fi movie or something. The designs are simply mind-blowing and spectacular, and it's safe to say that when these architects got their hands on these buildings, something amazing happened.Nestled in an artificial lake, this flower is home to Wujin's planning bureau, and provides an aesthetically pleasing sight both inside and out that's perfect for any season.
Chen wei - Imaginechina/EAST NEWS

Move about inside a giant atom ball made of metal inside the Atomium in Brussels, Belgium.

You can actually move between the spheres using the tubes that on the inside look a bit like a submarine. But they're actually bridges that will connect you between a restaurant and a science museum.
Mike Cattell

Paul VI Audience Hall is a Roman building used by the Pope for Wednesday morning audiences.

It might not look like a place you'd expect the Pope to preach in, but there's more to this structure than meets the eye. For one thing, it has a solar roof with 2,400 photovoltaic panels that provides all of of the electrical needs for the building year-round.

The interior is far fancier and really blows the lid of the conventional design of a church.

Then again, you have to admit that this audience hall is extremely celestial and beautiful, and it's even kept the traditional tinted windows on the side, which looks splendid.

If you're fortunate enough to sit in for one of the Pope's sermons, you're in for a treat.

There's so much to look at, that your eyes might start wandering at the lovely architecture that surrounds you. Whoever said that heaven was a place on Earth failed to mention it's a place to congregate too.
Bart Hanlon

If you're looking for unity, then this temple shaped like a lotus flower brings all religions together.

It's home to the Baha'i Faith but is so beautiful and welcoming that anyone of any religion is welcome in here. Just follow one of the 9 doors to the temple's central hall and you can commune in harmony.
demidoff/depositphotos / Atishayphotography/wikipedia

Spain's City of Arts and Sciences is so hemispheric, wouldn't you say?

The architectural complex is considered one of 12 must-see hotspots in all of Spain. Located in Valencia, this entertainment center looks more like a spaceship that's just landed on the water and it's breathtaking.

Take a closer look at the Hemispheric museum that's fun for the entire family.

Designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, the building virtually hovers over the River Turia. And while the 7 marine environments and various specimens inside the structure is just some of what you can see inside, a selfie outside this building is certainly worth a million bucks.

If you're looking for fluidity, then stop by the Heydar Aliyev Center in Azerbaijan.

The structure's wavy structure contains several offices and exhibition halls. But the exterior is what has many people in awe thanks to architect Zaha Hadid who has a thing for unusual shapes and forms and designed this building in the city of Baku with the same philosophy.

The Heydar Aliyev Center is just as impressive on the inside as it is on the outside.

Its auditorium is unlike anything you've ever seen. In much the same way as the gallery hall and museum, this conference hall folds and flows with entrances and continuous surfaces that is simply cutting-edge and marvelous.

How about this glass hotel in the Alps by creator Andri Rozhko that would make Superman so jealous?

This might seem real but the hotel hasn't been built yet. Rozhko is hopeful that his latest inspiration can actually be embedded on a mountain cliffside much like this one.
Andrei Rozhko/behance

Have you ever considered visiting a shopping mall that looks like it's melting?

Then come to the Emporia mall in Malmo, Sweden. The entrance looks like an oceanic wave, though some people actually see it more like a building that's melting from the center. The structure also offers soundscapes, no doubt to accentuate the illusion of the water flowing architecture.

Living in La Muralla Roja in Calpe, Spain might feel like you're stuck in a maze.

Located in the south of Spain, this red wall district and its buildings have been heavily influenced by the Arab Mediterranean architecture. But not everything about this housing project will have you seeing red. In fact, when you go into one of these buildings, the colors of the interior are blue and purple.
designmilk / flickr

The ArtScience Museum in Singapore embodies all the creative processes of humanity.

While it looks like a blooming onion on the outside, there's a collective exploration of science, technology, culture, and art that's just waiting to make your acquaintance.
William Cho

The museum is one of the best-known attractions in all of Singapore.

But despite the cupped lotus flower in the front, there are also 3 skyscrapers that make up the luxurious hotel, the Marina Bay Sands, which is an architectural work of art within itself.
Paolo Rosa

The Markthal Market Hall in Rotterdam, Netherlands has one problem.

It's so beautiful with its lovely artisanal archway that everyone seems to spend more time looking up at the fruits, vegetables, fish, and flowers, courtesy of Arno Coenen, to actually take the time to shop.
Paul Arps /Flickr

Once you're done looking at the free outdoor art galleries, go in and see what's inside.

The Markthal Market is so rad and unlike anything you've ever seen before. Not only does it have nearly a hundred market stalls selling goodies like fresh fish, and local foods and drinks, but above it, there are apartments in between the artwork on the arch. Wouldn't mind living here.
Tom Roeleveld / Flickr

The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain is made up of over 35,000 titanium tiles of sheer perfection.

Architect Philip Johnson was inspired by his fascination of fish. But what he gave us was what looks like the most unusual museum containing temporary and permanent exhibitions of the most exquisite art.
Sam Valadi / Flickr

The Guggenheim building itself is like a work of art on the inside and the outside.

It's a fun and interesting way to spend some time. You can experience all kinds of things here that are well worth the visit. It's simply a must-see on any visitor's list, especially if you're a fan of art and architecture.
Javier Díaz Barrera / Flickr

The Kunsthaus Graz in Austria is called the "Friendly Alien" for a good reason.

While it's a gallery offering a wide array of modern art, some visitors get to see all kinds of shape, but most would agree that the blob-like architecture is what gives the structure that alien look.
Franz Jachim / Flickr

The Kunsthaus is even lovelier at night than it is in the daytime.

It tends to glow when the sun goes down, so make sure you've got your cameras ready, cause in the evenings, this blog seems to take on the properties of a floating whale.
Horst Gutmann / Flickr

VIA 57 West in Manhattan is unlike any residential building you're used to.

Designed by a Danish architecture firm called Bjarke Ingels Group, the VIA 57 West is an asymmetrical marvel, which has left people staring in awe at the pyramid shaped apartment building that anyone would love to live in.
The Durst Organization

The Aqua Tower in Chicago, Illinois is an 82-story wonder that you have to see to believe.

It's a residential skyscraper made up of 82 floors and has a rippling effect that you simply can't take your eyes off of. It also has a green roof that's surrounded by plenty of other high-rises, but they pale in comparison to this.
George Showman

Mechernich, Germany's Bruder Klaus Field Church is one of the most inspiring chapels in the world.

Designed by Peter Zumthor, this is a mandatory place to visit in you're interested in architecture, and as far as religious architecture goes, this may very well be one of the most important buildings in Germany to date.
Samuel Ludwig

At first you might think, what makes a block of concrete in the middle of a field so cool.

But when take a closer look at the ingenious way that the little chapel was built, you'll change your tune. There's a serenity to this place that starts on the outside and continues to follow those who venture inside for a bit of quiet contemplation.
Samuel Ludwig