15 Illustrations That Accurately Depict The Problems Of Modern Childhood.

15 Illustrations That Accurately Depict The Problems Of Modern Childhood. February 8, 2020

It’s quite apparent that today’s children revolve their lives around technology. Kids spend their time with their eyes glued to screens for several hours a day. What could that mean for them? We put together 15 comics that honestly tell the truth about what a kid’s life is like.

It’s obvious that the life of a child has dramatically changed from what it used to be. Kids used to spend their time spinning tops and playing with silly Slinkys. Now, children are consumed by expensive electronics. Kids are now stressing their parents out by asking for a new pair of headphones because they broke them, as opposed to asking for a new inexpensive Slinky. And that just scratches the surface when it comes to expensive toys.

For children over the age of four, playing with their toys in a sandbox is just a distant memory. The only things children want now are video games. Children used to spend their time exploring their outside environment, they’re learning completely different life skills now, thanks to video games. So what’s the difference between learning outside and learning from a screen? You might be surprised by the answer!

Kids used to play outside together. Playing games like hide-and-go-seek, getting upset when it was time for them to go inside. Kids used to be very social. They learned how to have relationships without even understanding what they were doing it. Kids today want more time inside sitting on the couch, or the computer chair, learning different kinds of skills. Today’s adults are also completely different than they used to be, as well.

It used to be commonly known that when a person got older, they would become more formal. That was how it had to be if they ever planned to get a decent job, but society is changing. The need to be formal is disappearing, and in its place is a generation of people, including grandparents with beards, tattoos, and piercings. Everything seems to be changing, especially how the teenagers look now.

Girls used to wear overalls as teenagers. Today, teenage girls might still wear overalls, but they cover up a lot less skin now. It would appear that cute was overrun by sexy, and no girl wants to miss out on that. So does this make girls harder to raise than before? Possibly, but as you’ll shortly see, the teenage years aren’t nearly the craziest change that has occurred when it comes to raising kids.

It used to be that children were grateful for whatever their parents gave them. If they didn’t like what was on the table for dinner, that was just too bad. Now it appears that kids have some sort of entitlement issue. Kids believe that they can have whatever they want, whenever they want it. It seems, though, that this mentality might be of some use for them, considering that leadership skills and innovation are necessary for success these days.

There are still traditional careers hanging on, but the future that children want for themselves is rapidly changing. In today’s society, children don’t have to go to Hollywood to get fame. They know that if they have the right attitude, they can get famous from their bedroom. Next up, we have some proof that children are being prepped for high-reward, high-stress jobs, starting at a young age.

It’s well known that kids like spinning things. That’s never changed. What has changed is the objects kids are using to spin. It used to be all you needed was a pencil and a cassette tape. Now, kids don’t have to put in any work, at all. Kids don’t realize that getting rid of energy is one of the best ways to get rid of stress. And it allows you to sort of mentally prepare yourself for the road to come, like you’ll see next.

Kids used to live a much simpler life. All they had to do was go to school, study, take tests, and get good grades. A kid would look at you like you were crazy if you asked them to make a video 10 years ago. Today, it’s absolutely normal. There are some 10-year-old kids that even have their old YouTube channel. That’s not the only thing that kids today have that would make kids of the past drop their jaws.

Kids today actually have their own cell phones, but they never want to talk on them. They would prefer to just text what they need to say. Kids in the past would never, and I repeat never, be trusted with something so valuable. They couldn’t even be trusted to keep track of their jacket. Along with cell phones, comes the access to infinite amounts of knowledge, which is nice, but are they too young to have access to it all?

In the past, parents were responsible for teaching their child about sex when they felt it was appropriate. It pretty much goes without saying that today’s kids hear about sex long before it is officially taught to them by their parents or at school. They may not be engaging in it, but they sure can see it. If they get caught looking at it, their connection will definitely be taking away.

Being punished used to mean having to go sit in your room to think about what you had done. Can’t exactly do that today when kids have game systems and laptops in their rooms. Now, parents have a hand to step up their game and find a new line of defense. Turning off the Wi-Fi is a parent’s greatest weapon. You may find it shocking, but not everything has changed. Check this out…

Cartoon characters and all of their very silly antics have been around since the beginning of TV broadcasting. And kids have always enjoyed them. Today’s children are still pretty entertained by these amazing classic programs, too. Through advancements in technology the image quality has changed tremendously for the better, but the content seems to stay the same. There are other things that haven’t changed for the kids of today.

No matter how much things change, kids will always still be kids. Because of that, the effect certain things have on a child, like watching “The Lion King” will more than likely always remain the same, and that’s nice to know. It shows that children have a quality that this world needs: compassion. This next comic will show you that kids might be too young to be taking things so seriously.

Kids used to use their imagination to take them to places of magic and mystery. Today’s kids are still playing pretend, but more in the realm of reality. They’re pretending to be adults, and liking it! But if you think about it, how could we ever expect anything different, considering adult matters are written all over the Internet. How can we hide it all from them?