These Hard-Hitting Cartoons Say A Lot About Modern Life.

These Hard-Hitting Cartoons Say A Lot About Modern Life. June 8, 2018

Do you feel like the stresses of modern life and everything that comes with it are taking a toll on your physical health, your mental clarity, and maybe even your ability to connect with others? Turns out, you’re not alone: Italian illustrator Marco Melgrati feels the same way about modern society, and so he created a series of amazing illustrations to prove it. Based in Mexico, Melgrati spends his time working on commissions — but when he’s on his own time, he’s been busy creating this amazing series of illustrations that give some insight into the toll that modernity and tech culture have been taking on us as human beings. He focuses on everything from self-image to money to power and possibility, and at the end of the day, every single one of these illustrations will make you think. And that, according to Melgrati, is the point. Check them out below and start brainstorming ways to take back your own life from the clutches of modern society — the effects of which are much more insidious than you might think.