Mom Caught Beating Her Little Girl Because She Spoke To Her Dad At School.

Mom Caught Beating Her Little Girl Because She Spoke To Her Dad At School. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Child abuse is a serious matter. When punishing a child, a parent should be rational. Physically abusing a son or daughter is never the right choice. A video of a Texas native, Angela Armendariz, hitting her daughter has gone viral. According to the father, Angela hit her daughter as a way to get back at the father for visiting the daughter at school. The video was so graphic that the police officer recommended the father not watch it. Ever since the video came into light, a warrant was issued for Angela’s arrest.Because they have cameras in them, they’re convenient to have so people can record or capture things whenever they need to.

One man, for example, sadly witnessed a child being abused by her mother in broad daylight and was able to capture it on his phone’s camera.

She was so mad that she began abusing her daughter in her car after she picked her up from school, not able to wait until she got home.

He was desperate to see his own daughter. Angela, nonetheless, was upset with her daughter for talking to the father.

Why shouldn’t this young girl be allowed to talk to her own father after not seeing him for so long?

In addition, Jesus has put out a protective order against Angela. The two are currently processing a divorce and are living in separate households.

Especially if it’s only because the child wanted to see and talk to the other parent.

Can you imagine to what extent Angela would have beaten her daughter had they been in the privacy of their own home?

With the ability to whip out our phones to record any given situation, people will think twice before doing anything awful in public and thinking they’ll get away with it.

Hopefully this will push everyone to be better human beings in society.

**Watch the short news clip below to find out more about the matter and watch the footage of abuse for yourself.**

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