Mom Duct-Taped Her Babies And Offered Them For Sale On Facebook.

Mom Duct-Taped Her Babies And Offered Them For Sale On Facebook. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

What one may find as a joke can be viewed as incredibly offensive and inhumane to others. A photo that was recently posted onto Facebook received a lot of uproar and started furious controversy. The photo was of two young kids tied up with duct tape with a caption that offered the kids for sale. Furthermore, the caption claimed that the kids were on sale for a discounted rate since they were “bad.” Although the Facebook account that posted the photo was deactivated, an investigation was still launched. The photo became such a hot topic that authorities within the area were contacted.An investigation was recently launched by police and other law enforcement agencies in Memphis after a disturbing photo was posted on Facebook this past Friday.

The disturbing photo showed two young helpless children sitting in a car while their hands and mouths were duct taped.

If you looked closely at the original photo, you can see tears coming out of the eyes in the oldest of the pair.

The Facebook user who posted the photo was Jaton Justsilly Jababi. It appears that she is the mother of the children in the photo but it has still yet to be confirmed.

The shocking photo came with a shocking caption that read: “Kids For Sale, 45% Off because they bad.”

The Memphis Police Department started an investigation immediately after they were sent the photo on Thursday night.

In addition to Memphis’ police department, departments from other states have also began investigating the photo.

A representative from the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services announced that more research will be done before they begin an investigation into the family since the information at the moment is very limited.

A high school student who saw the photo and lives in the same neighborhood as Jaibabi called the photo “offensive” and “wrong.”

A local parent added: “I could not breathe. It took my breath away, caused extreme emotional distress. These are children. These are human beings.”

Although several Facebook users from all over are furious at the photo and demanding the children be taken out of the woman’s hands, Jababi’s cousin, Derion King, came to her defense.

King wrote a Facebook post in response to the photo. He claimed it was “just a practical joke.”

King also wrote that he did not really care much about other people’s opinions and what they had to say.

“Our family and friends know the love we have for all the kids in our family it’s just crazy that out of a whole lifetime they judge a person off of this one event.”

“Basically a joke at the moment that people just went overboard about. People make mistakes and that’s what this situation is, a lesson learned. They are safe, unharmed, and loved that’s all it is to it.”

After controversy broke loose, Jaibabi appeared to have deleted her Facebook account.

Although it may be done with comedic intentions, placing duct tape over a child’s mouth shouldn’t be taken so lightly.

In another incident, a Utah mom was sent a selfie from her son while he was at school. At first glance, she thought the photo was a joke until she realized that wasn’t the case.

The son sent his mom a selfie of himself with duct tape over his mouth that he was instructed to put on by his teacher.

“My son told me that the teacher was upset he was talking to somebody during class,” said the mom. “She came over to him and gave him a piece of duct tape and told him he needed it on his face.”

So the seventh grader did what he was told. He told his mom, “You always told me to respect adults and my teachers so I had to and she was standing there mad. What was I going to do?”

According to Ben Horsley with Granite School District, an investigation launched and found out that a handful of students were receiving the same sticky punishment.

“There are appropriate educator techniques and classroom ethical standards, and this doesn’t fall within any of those confines. We don’t find this behavior appropriate at all,” said Horsely.

As a result, the teacher has been put on an administrative leave. A full investigation has started to find out if even more students were involved.

What we may find funny or think is a joke can be the complete opposite to the victim of the situation. Think clearly before you act!

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