Single Mother Fired Before Her 1st Day Of Work Because Of What She Posted On Facebook.

Single Mother Fired Before Her 1st Day Of Work Because Of What She Posted On Facebook. August 11, 2019

You’ve heard conspiracy theorists claim that Big Brother is watching your every move when you go online, but many of us dismissed these rumors as myths. But while we can’t confirm or deny if the government is watching you, you can bet your career that someone else is, like your employer. Just ask one woman whose career at a daycare center ended before it even had a chance to begin.Unfortunately, like most jobs, it wasn’t her dream job, it was just a job to get by and pay the bills and feed her child, which was okay, but she wasn’t jumping for joy.

When you have to deal with a child all the time, even if it’s your own flesh and blood, you’re going to get frustrated, and the last thing you want is a job that deals with other people’s kids.

She had finally landed a job and was set to start, but she wasn’t thrilled about it and something had totally gone wrong as a result of her venting on social media.

Her termination was the result of her posting something negative about how she felt about working at a daycare center, which we totally get, but wouldn’t have posted online.

Kaitlyn learned that lesson, but a bit too late. The same day, she wrote that she started her new job but that she hated working at daycare, and that was a mistake she’d live to regret.

She admitted to desperately needing a job, but her lapse in judgment caused her to lose the opportunity that would have really helped out around the house.

It’s understandable that dealing with kids would be an issue when you’re raising a child all by yourself. Not everyone is good with kids, but you have to do what you have to do when you need a job.

They gave her the proverbial thumbs down, not that they could actually do that since Facebook, despite its promise, has failed to produce a “thumbs down” feature.

Clearly, she won’t be working at the Child Development Center ever again, but the publicity her story has gotten her could make it even more difficult to get another job elsewhere.

But what she really needed was an actual paying job to support herself and her daughter, but no tears for her had shed after sharing what had happened on social media.

It’s too bad all those interviews weren’t for jobs, but rather to tell her story of what you shouldn’t post on social media when it comes to work.

She certainly didn’t appreciate the fact that a bunch of strangers on social media wrote insults on her Facebook page because of her post.

She claims that she “had all these girls attacking me because I don’t want to be around a lot of kids all the time.” Eventually she had no choice but to delete her original post.

But she also posted how she had made a big mistake and how sad it made her feel that her job prospect had practically gone down the toilet for how she behaved.

One person even referred to her as the Bubonic Plague, which we feel is a bit harsh for such a minor mistake. But the daycare seemed to side with social media, which is why they fired her.

You need to be careful what you write on your Facebook wall, on Twitter, or on Instagram, because chances are there’s always someone watching you.

Whenever a good candidate applies for work, the employer will look through everything, even Tumblr, Craigslist, and MySpace, and if they find something they don’t like, you’re out of luck.

So, if you thought that photo of yourself going topless in Vegas made for a great profile pic, guess again. It will wreck your career and your life.

It turns out that approximately 69 percent of recruiters rejected potential job applicants simply because they saw something they didn’t like on their social media pages.

If you’re using illegal substances, taking your clothes off, posting a video of yourself knocking someone’s teeth out at Christmas, sorry Grandma, it could be seen as job damaging material

If you’re hitting thumbs up on a controversial matter, like something political, that might make the company look bad, the job recruiter will see this and toss your application in the trash.

We’ve all been in those situations where we’re bored, so we take out our phones and express feelings that should be kept private. Well, next time you should consider bottling up your feelings.

There are plenty of privacy settings on most social media accounts, mainly Facebook, which allows only your family and friends to see your post and photos. So make yourself invisible to strangers.

If you have a disagreement with the boss and go online and post how much you hate their guts, make sure not to do it using a workspace terminal, which are often monitored by IT and could land you in trouble.

We’re sure most people have forgotten what Kaitlyn did two and a half years ago, but with the internet, nothing ever stays buried, so unless you want to live with disappointment, don’t post where you eat. Remember, whatever happens in social media, ends up in Google forever.