Mom Has NO Idea Why Baby Was Sick, When Doctors Look Inside His Mouth… OMG.

Mom Has NO Idea Why Baby Was Sick, When Doctors Look Inside His Mouth… OMG. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Mothers know best. From the moment the baby is handed over to her she recognizes every cry, laugh, and facial expression. Moms seem to develop a sixth sense, especially when it comes to their children. All it takes is one look for a mom to realize something is wrong. Regardless of age; be it a baby, toddler, teen, or an adult, mommies know anything and everything that’s bothering their babes even without them mentioning it.Samantha Knox is the mother of eight-month-old EJ. He’s naturally very happy and playful but she noticed he was not himself. She knew something was wrong and bothering him but couldn’t make out what it was. EJ had a high fever and was unresponsive. Kids his age are generally very active but EJ was quiet and cranky. He was hardly moving around.

Knox took EJ to see a doctor. She was assured it was just a seasonal viral infection and would be gone in no time with medication. Knox knew her son’s illness had more to it. She felt something was wrong and the doctor was missing it.

She started doing some research online on her own as well as consulting with other doctors but received the same answer. She was told not to worry as it was just a viral fever according to them. While everybody ignored her request, EJ was becoming more and more restless with every passing day. He had also developed a huge rash on his stomach which confirmed her fears.

After consulting with what seemed like a hundred paediatricians, doctors finally found the actual problem a month later. Her son had a coin stuck in his throat. It had been there for weeks.

Knox was disappointed with all the doctors she had consulted with. A little awareness on their part would have saved her son from a lot of trouble and pain. One X-ray and would have shown what was causing him so much suffering.

The doctors’ negligence made the toddler have to undergo surgery in order to get the coin removed.

Knox started a petition to waive the medical bills the family accrued during their plethora of doctor visits. In a short span of time, the petition has received more than 86,000 signatures.

EJ is a living proof of how strong a mother’s instinct can be. Knox knew she was right and didn’t let anyone tell her otherwise.

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